Grimgor’s Wheels (aka Krudger on Gore Chariot)

OK, so I had acquired this painted Grimgor Ironhide miniature way back in time. I had an unpainted Orc chariot. Now Grimgor has some wheels. I have a driver figure but there was no room for him. Was going to mount him standing on the yoke but it made it look cluttered – so an orcling is along for the ride instead.  Grimgor needed a few touch ups to fix paint chips received after twelve years living in a box with other miniatures but other than that all I did was had the slotta base tab of the bottom to glue him into the chariot.

In Warhammer Fantasy Grimgor is a killer character figure. He had attacks out the wahzoo, magic items galore and came with a big unit of Black Orcs that made him one tough nut. So tough that when GW destroyed the Warhammer Fantasy milieu I think he was one of the only characters to survive or something. I guess they had a lot of un-sold Grimgor’s in metal and resin and didn’t want to melt them down. Who knows.

In Kings of War he has been relegated to a generic Orc krudger. Why Mantic decided to use that term I have no idea, other than perhaps Games Workshop had copyrighted “Boss” and “Orc” in the same sentence. “Chieftan” would have done it for me. But Krudger he is.

As far as game stats go he is no slouch in Kings of War either. Hits on 3s, is wounded on 5s and has seven attacks. His Crushing Strength (2) means he beats down most armour. Coupled with his Thunderous Charge (2), unless I am reading the rules wrong he gets +4 on his dice roll to wound (assuming he charges and said charge is unhindered). He can be upgraded with the usual KoW magic items and also take a Goblin Stabby Sneak (effectively a Goblin assassin who is ranged like a throwing weapon and has a 50/50 chance of returning to be used in subsequent  turns) or a Goblin Zappy Sneak (a Goblin magician who obeys orders on anything but a 1  – if you roll a 1 he attacks you instead – who uses the Zap(2) special rule  to potentially zap a few extra wounds onto your enemy).

Of course he also has the special rule Inspiring so he can force your opponent to re-roll a failed Nerve test for one of your units if the Krudger is within 6″.

Unit Size Sp Me Ra De At Ne Pts Special
    (1) 7 3+ 5+ 7 14/16 185 Hero (LrgCav), Base Size: (50x100mm), Crushing Strength (2), Inspiring, Thunderous Charge (2) Add

I have always liked the GW Grimgor miniature and thought this was a good use for the second hand one I had. I do have another version that my son and I painted together back when he was about eight but he will be the subject of another post.

Savage Orc Boar Boyz/Orc Gore Riders

I painted these really quickly from scratch last week while I was at work (well not exactly while at work but while I was away for work). I decided not to go as far as doing tribal tattoos and so forth – just wanted the unit on the table. I could go back and do them at some stage if I wanted I guess.  Figures are a mix of Games Workshop miniatures from about 4th to 6th edition as far as I am aware.

With the movement tray I wanted to stagger the position of the miniatures to give a more random look to a bunch of ranked figures. I did flirt with the idea of only using say six figures and making a single based “regiment”. But that would have entailed cutting the boars off their mounting slot thingies and frankly I couldn’t gather the enthusiasm. Kings of War has no issue with whether the full ten figures that make up a regiment are actually on the base as long as the minimum are there – in this case it would be six figures. The footprint of the base is what is important.


And lastly, I knocked up a movement tray for the unit of Boar (Gore) Riders I did a few weeks back.

Orc Chariots

I have finished my first re-based Orc chariot regiment. These got some washes and a few dabs of paint and I replaced one crewman with an Orc archer for a bit of variety. Other than that just based on balsa bases and a movement tray to hold the lot of them. I have another chariot in pieces and one complete. Am looking for another one to make a second regiment (or Troop as the case may be).

I could not base them in close order with the scythes without making the bases a bit too deep so I removed them.

In Kings of War an Orc Chariot Troop of three is a fairly fast and hard hitting small unit but like most Orc units it is a pretty fragile one.

The original three chariots.


Big ‘Uns

This is another batch of the old second hand figures re-based. The guy I brought these off used metal W40K Orcs and just attached fantasy heads and weapon arms. I did absolutely zero paint touch ups on these. I probably could have tarted them up a bit – the colours on the trousers and leather gear is plain with no shading or even washes – and in fact I still might on the easily visible bits. I also need to touch up a few visible paint chips here and there as well. I quite like how something as simple as re-basing can lift pretty average figures.

I am getting pretty close to running out of painted second hand figures – so will have to actually start painting Orcs pretty soon.

Before picture


After Pics



A long long time ago in a galaxy far away you used to be able to field Snotling armies in Warhammer. I never actually saw one but thought the idea was cute so started assembling a collection of Snotlings. Of course they sat boxed and in the case of the pump wagon, in pieces. I think I have one of the older Pump Wagons as well as another of the newer ones as well – I just couldn’t find them.

I have based these for Kings of War where they do duty as Orclings – a close relative of Snotlings but they branched off the orcish family tree when they cross-bred with an IP Lawyer.

First off a “regiment” sized unit – six 40mm square bases. All I did with these was black undercoat, a goblin green dry brush and some green ink – then picked out weapons and loin cloths. Didn’t bother with eyes or such.

The pictures were taken on the kitchen table because it was too damn cold to go over to the Woolshed with them. At least it wasn’t raining.

This “regiment” is based on a single base using an old GW Pump Wagon as a unit filler.

And the two “regiments” together.

Trolling for clicks

OK – I have been accused of being an internet troll. This time those detractors are right. Three Games Workshop Stone Trolls. These guy s were heavily chipped and required some touch up paint. Other than that I just slopped some washes on and redid the bases and made a movement tray for them. Happy with how these guys turned out.


I am hoping that someone can tell me what manufacturer made this figure. He seems a bit different to my Warhammer Stone Trolls so I am assuming he is not a GW figure. The tab has been filed clean so there are no identifying marks.


Heavy Metal Orcs

These are the first two regiments of Black Orcs that I have based on ‘regimental bases’. I titled this post Heavy Metal Orcs – and there is a good reason. Each of these bases weighs 400g. That is 800g for a 20 figure regiment. The figures are mounted ten to a base. I made the bases 125mm wide and 60mm deep. The extra 10mm depth allows a bit of leeway with ranking these rather bulky figures up.

These are part of a second hand lot I brought about twelve years ago, give or take.

Classic individually based orcs.

These figures have not been repainted or touched up – just re-based. I am still pretty happy how they have turned out. Way better than twenty individually based miniatures.


GW: Orc Boss on Boar KoW: Krudger on Gore?

A re-based Orc General. This guy has been rebased only. Based him on  larger base because I prefer generals to stand out a bit from regular figures of their ‘type’ – in this case a boar rider. So, he is either an Orc Big Boss or a Kings of War Krudger. Damned IP issues.

Signs of Spring

First Spring Lambs arrive in middle of winter. Read more at Jasper’s Doggy World. It is the middle of winter but it has been a mild one. Cold mornings but warm days, but also lots of wind and rain.


010Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Now as you all know We three live in the sunny Mangamahu Valley and it is winter time in New Zealand.  Soon signs of spring will appear – daffodils and magnolia flowers.

One early sign of spring’s arrival in the appearance of spring lambs in paddocks.  Now as you all know We have six sheep and mummy was expecting to see lambs in a few months time.

Well, yesterday morning she was out getting some wood and happen to glance over to one of the front paddocks.  There she saw something little and with a wagging tail.  Yes, you guested it,  new lambs.  Boy she was surprised!!

IMG_6291IMG_6289IMG_6288Yum, Christmas lamb!!

Mummy thinks we might get some more lambies soon.  Watch this space.

Love Nellie, Jasper and Itai, the three bestest maremmas in all the land.

Me and Nellie having a frolick in the long grass. Me and Nellie having a frolick in the long…

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