Aslan Khtukhao-class Clan Transport

I did this deck plan many years ago. Based on the Art of Jesse de Graff and a plan in the GURPS Traveller Book.

Aslan Clan Transport (Traveller)

I have updated the deck plan to a newer look. Hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “Aslan Khtukhao-class Clan Transport”

  1. Brian,

    The new deckplans are amazing! I thought the originals were a bunch of work, but the look of the new ones are excellent.

    Question: Why .webp format for the image files vs. jpg or png or the like? I notice that is more a recent thing (from trolling the deckplans you’ve done). Does that format add some features over png or jpg? (I’m guessing you may have started using .webp when you started using Or not?)

    Great work! And thanks for sharing it.

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