Cyberpunk Red

I got a new RPG. Have not played Cyberpunk since the 90s when I used to GM Cyberpunk 2020. I like this new version. I liked it so much I actually brought the rulebook rather than done an eye-patch and put a parrot on my shoulder to acquire it.

A few new roles, new combat rules that speed up play and the setting moved on twenty years. This game is set in 2045.

My favourite Rules are the Rules.

  1. Style over Substance
  2. Attitude is Everything
  3. Live on the Edge
  4. Break the Rules

So, my players can expect a new campaign in the near future, Choombas.


2 thoughts on “Cyberpunk Red”

  1. Wanted this, haven’t had the coin yet. Also wanted the recent Bladerunner RPG.

    One cheapie you might want to lookup (relatively) if you like the genre is Carbon 2185 (Cyberpunk a la 5E). The world you live in there is very bleak – not quite Brazil level bleak (the movie Brazil) but almost a bit comedic because how stark and unkind it is. The idea of not having enough money to buy firearms at low levels but instead renting them for a short time at exorbitant rates is interesting.

    I loved original cyberpunk. The first adventure from the original system was amazing.

    Hope you have a great time. Hope your players are smart and think… that is the core of survival in the bleak future.


    1. Hi Tom. Thanks for the comment. I really don’t like “level” type games so would probably pass on Carbon 2185 if it uses a similar mechanic. Not to say I wouldn’t pillage it for ideas. I played in a game using a 5e type system for a space scifi game – it was OK but then again I was not GMing and was getting to roll dice so I would have been happy with Yahtzee if it meant I didn’t have to run the game.

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