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Battlefield Accessories 28mm ACW Gun Carriages.

If you have ever brought a box of Perry 28mm ACW Artillery you will know that you end up with a swag of spare barrels. There is a 12llb Napoleon, a 3″ Ordinance Rifle, a 12lb Howitzer and a 10lb Parrot on each sprue so at a minimum you will have nine barrels left over after making whatever artillery pieces you wanted.

This guy in Australia, Battlefield Accessories solves the problem of what to do with those spare barrels with these handy-dandy laser cut gun carriages.

The set consists of enough parts to assemble three more carriages. The wheels and some other parts are cut from a stiff card, which the trail and crosspiece are cut from 3mm mdf. Wheels are three parts – the rim, spokes and the hub. All parts fit well and easily glue together. With the card parts, be careful when cutting them away from the ‘sprue’.

Assembly was simple. The only thing missing is an elevation screw. I used a piece of wire, the sort of thing most modellers have in their bits box somewhere I am sure.

In the pictures below you can see that they match up perfectly with a Perry gun. Battlefield Accessories also included a sampler sheet with some other offerings. – a 28mm outhouse, a scifi type cargo container and a house – 15mm, I guess.

At this time of postage is not cheap. They almost doubled the price of these for me to get them from Australia to New Zealand but postage these days is what it is.

I will probably use these mostly for limbers. But I got enough to make nine more guns so I have options.

Get some of these if you want to increase your artillery park without having to buy extra plastic sets.

Confederate Limber

I really want some six horse limbers for my ACW armies because they just look so freaking great. But…they are an expensive addition to the army. I was looking in the Woolshed and found a box with a few dozen old Hinchliffe Napoleonic limber horses. When I say old I mean I think I got these in 1980. I looked at these, looked at the plastic Perry limber I had and thought – why not. OK – the collars are wrong, the harness is wrong…whatever. I can use the money I save to buy some dismounted cavalry.

I added a couple of Perry plastic artillerymen. One I sort of converted to a sitting pose.

At some stage I will add some harnesses from the horses to the limbers and between them etc. Not sure what I will use – maybe some crochet string and seal it with pva. Any ideas welcomed.

28mm British Foot Artillery (Elite Miniatures)

My second unit completed. Two so far this month. This time it is a battery of Elite Miniatures British Foot Artillery.  I got these models from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia. I brought three guns and crews. There were five crewmen per gun. After I had painted all fifteen crew I decided to only use four per base so mounted the remaining three miniatures on separate round bases.  Being Elite miniatures a lot of the guys are looking at something up in the sky. I am not sure why they are sculpted that way but it is certainly a way of identifying Elites.


The extra crew. They will either be decoration on the table top or used as gunners in skirmish games.


Decided to do something a little different with one gun. So here we have the crew replacing a damaged wheel.


The battery in action.


28mm Perry French Line Artillery.

Finally got these chaps finished. Brought so long ago the shop that sold them to me has been out of business for six months.  I had actually forgotten I had them until I unpacked a box of crap left untouched since we moved to the country three years ago.  It was a little like Christmas. Also found some Perry French Marshals and a pack of Senior Officers of various regiments lounging about  and a whole lot of woodland Indians I had got for a stalled War of 1812 project.  Hopefully not stalled for too much longer.

Anyways, I used to have my artillery mounted on 40mm wide bases but went with 50mm wide for this unit. I think it works a lot better.


They are a mixture of sets FN17, 18 and 19.


I like three to four gun batteries for Napoleonics. They look more like an artillery battery to me than a single gun model or perhaps two stuck on the table.  My next artillery project is a unit of French Guard Horse artillery.  I am going with Elite Miniatures guns (when I order them next week), Bircorne Minitaures crew and probably Hinchliffe Limbers because I have about thirty of them from a bulk lot I got about twenty years ago off a wargamer who was retiring from the hobby.