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Our DIY Experience

Our only damage from the Earthquake at the Woolshed. Apart from a few stacks of books and some stuff on my workbench that tumbled over. All models came through unscathed.


img_7151Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Like our good friend Easy’s daddy, our daddy is not one of  bestest DIYer in the world.  However, we seem to have been effected by the 7.8m earthquake of last week.  As of yesterday there have been over 3,000 aftershocks.  Fortunately none have seemed to have caused any more damage. However, on Wednesday mummy and daddy noticed that there was water  trickling down the path towards the woolshed.  At first they couldn’t see or feel any damp grass but as the days progressed they realised that there was the strong possibility of there being a leak.  So today daddy got out his tools and went to work.  As you see from the photos there was lots of bad language, water and mud but in the end there was success and the leak was fixed.  It would appear that the pipe joint had split…

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The Shaky Isles

Rock n Roll – New Zealand Style. We live up to our moniker of The Shaky Isles.  To borrow an old Kiwi expression – it Rattled our Dags somewhat.

We got hit with a 7.5 quake last night and a whole night of aftershocks up into the 6s. Stacks of five pointers. So far a few reported deaths which is tragic – but also lucky.  Our construction techniques here generally limit human damage. Same quakes in other countries cause massive casualties.

Have not been over to the Woolshed to check if anything came off shelves – a few things here at the house fell off shelves and the pool tried to empty itself.

To all my fellow Kiwi gamers – hope you are all safe and that your armies stayed in their cabinets and any disorder tokens are removed next turn.


Signs of Spring

First Spring Lambs arrive in middle of winter. Read more at Jasper’s Doggy World. It is the middle of winter but it has been a mild one. Cold mornings but warm days, but also lots of wind and rain.


010Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Now as you all know We three live in the sunny Mangamahu Valley and it is winter time in New Zealand.  Soon signs of spring will appear – daffodils and magnolia flowers.

One early sign of spring’s arrival in the appearance of spring lambs in paddocks.  Now as you all know We have six sheep and mummy was expecting to see lambs in a few months time.

Well, yesterday morning she was out getting some wood and happen to glance over to one of the front paddocks.  There she saw something little and with a wagging tail.  Yes, you guested it,  new lambs.  Boy she was surprised!!

IMG_6291IMG_6289IMG_6288Yum, Christmas lamb!!

Mummy thinks we might get some more lambies soon.  Watch this space.

Love Nellie, Jasper and Itai, the three bestest maremmas in all the land.

Me and Nellie having a frolick in the long grass. Me and Nellie having a frolick in the long…

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Happenings on a Sunny Sunday Mangamahu Afternoon.

Another small taste of our rural life. Hope you enjoy this post from Jasper’s Doggy World.

Romeo (on the right) with his ewes.


See Me and Nellie in the afternoon sun, waiting for mummy to come home from town. See Me and Nellie in the afternoon sun, waiting for mummy to come home from town.

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. The weather still continues to be warm.  In the afternoon the temperature often reaches 22 C (71F).  Not bad for halfway through autumn.  Now as you all know We live on a lifestyle block in the sunny Mangamahu Valley.  Mummy and daddy run a couple of cows and a few sheep.  Today, neighbour Paul had to sort out some of his sheep and return our stud ram called Romeo.  So, mummy and daddy said they’d help him.  For some reason Me, Nellie and Itai were left at home.  Something about being a nuisances and  distractions.

Once the sheep were in our woolshed then the fun begun.  The sheep had to be separated in the race, sort of long  corridor with a gate at the end.  When the sheep…

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Our House

Just some background history to our property and some of the neighbouring properties in our valley. From our very clever Maremma dog Jasper’s personal blog.


Lambhill Lambhill

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Last weekend, mummy went on a house and garden tour to one of the oldest houses in the area. The site has been lived on since the early 1840’s, which in terms of New Zealand history is an eternity.  It was first owned by Dr Allison,  The following is from: The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District] Farmers, Old Settlers etc.

Allison, (Dr.) James, Sheepfarmer, Wanganui. This pioneer colonist landed in Wellington in 1840, afterwards settling in Wanganui, where he remained seven years. He then removed to the South Island, taking up a sheep-run in the Wairau Valley. In 1855 he sold out and again came to the Wanganui District. Twelve years later he left the Colony to visit the Old Country, but died on the voyage.”

HouseNow this got mummy thinking about our house.  Not a lot is known…

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Plans? We don’t need no stinking plans.

The Woolshed is in need of some serious maintenance over the next year or so. I have to replace an outside wall that is slowly coming apart from age. It was constructed out of rough cut timber that was probably milled on site at least a hundred years ago.  There are old shearer’s autographs on the walls that go back to the 1920s – reminders that at one stage this was a working woolshed.

But…the outside wall was not the object of my attention this week. Son and I lined a wall with scrap pallet wood to continue the rustic look of the interior.  It looks quite good, if not a little rough – which is kind of the look I was going for. Mind you, if I had been going for smooth clean lines it still would have come out rough because I am not one of life’s great carpenters. Other improvements on the long term plans are a septic tank so I can install an inside dunny (there is a longdrop outside), a kitchen and perhaps a shower.  This Woolshed is a work in progress but will be New Zealand’s best Man Cave before I retire!

longdrop 1
The Throne Room

Today I decided that I needed a workbench. It was raining so mowing the lawns did not appeal at all.  I didn’t want to spend any money on this workbench, so used scrap wood that was in the wood pile in the old stock yards (the same source as the pallet wood). I didn’t have any decent timber for the bench top so what I have done is temporary until I can source some more 2″(50mm) thick timber at a good rate – which for me means free.  Oh yeah – I didn’t have any actual plans – it probably shows.

I need a workbench for a number of projects that I want to get underway this year. I rationalised it to Mrs Woolshedwargmer as a place that I can repair the mower. However, I really want to have a decent work bench to start making some terrain tiles – something I have wanted to do for years and finally decided that 2016 is going to be the Year of the Wargame Table.  I also want a space where I can restore an old motorcycle that we may come into possession of in the not too distant future – an old James Captain from the 1950s.

The only problem is that now that I demonstrated my ability to make a workbench that didn’t wobble, SWMBO has ordered some garden furniture – that she want me to make tomorrow. What about “Terrain Tiles” doesn’t she understand?

Look at What I was Missing Out On!!


Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Now, as you all know there was wedding held here at Oeta on Saturday evening.  Now, what is held after all weddings?  Why a reception, of course and what is served at a wedding breakfast.  Food, of course.   Now as you all know, Me and Nellie are rather fond of our food.  What should have been served at this reception??

A whole sheep on the spit. A whole sheep on the spit.


Were Me and Nellie at the wedding breakfast partaking of all this sheep.  No, We were stuck at home, alone, unloved, unwanted.

Awaiting the food. Awaiting the food.

IMG_4291Now for all of you who want to see a photo of the most important person at a wedding, who is not a maremma.  

The bride The bride

Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land. And now a word from our mummy.

Please ignore, Jasper and Nellie’s pitiful pleas. …

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Spring Cleaning the Woolshed, Pt 3.

The spring cleaning efforts continue apace. I moved the last cabinet and found more of the giant rat’s nest.  I cleaned it all up but the wall lining was disgusting. Decided to replace it. Being a cheapskate I used scrap timber from a pile that we have been burning for the last five winters.

This is what a bit of a giant rat’s nest looks like. This nest had not been used for some time – possibly years as it was totally dried out. Yes – those are possum bones and skulls in there.

Cleaned out but the wall lining damaged. I have ripped the hessian that was covering the walls off.

New wooden linings up. Mostly from old pallets.

Some framing and skirting boards.

Pictures hung to make it more cosy for a wargamer.

OK, the chair needs some repairs. But still a nice place to sit and read.


Mrs Woolshedwargamer brought me food and drink. My own little cantiniere.

A camp follower hoping for some leftovers.

Spring Cleaning the Woolshed, Pt 2.

Getting there. Discovered an old rat’s nest behind cabinets in my study!!! There were at least three dismembered possum carcasses in it. I have been waging chemical warfare against the rats for some time so the nest was old – thankfully. I shudder to think how big a rat that can drag a dead possum back to it’s place would have been. Am away from home for a week with work so will get back into it when I return.

Paints and modelling equipment all in one place. The boxes on the desk will be shelved when I get back home.

Much better. I can see the floor.

The 6×6 table cleared – with only miniatures on it.

My Lead/Plastic Mountain Cupboard. A quick calculation showed I will live to be 176 years old before I get all this lot completed.

Models in a cabinet – bliss. In this case the Zulu Wars and Wild West cabinet.

Damn – the 6×6 table got covered again. This time by my 2000Ad collection (for the most part). Hmmm – those Mongoose Judge Dredd figures sure look tempting about now,

Mrs Woolshedwargamer brought me over some lunch that we were able to eat at the coffee table, sitting on actual chairs. A first in the Woolshed for a while.