Ore-Crawler from Gamelords 1984 Adventure “Duneraiders”

My first Traveller deck plan in quite a while. This is from the 1984 adventure by Gamelords titled “Duneraiders” by the prolific Traveller writer and artist William H. Keith Jnr. I love his artwork – it speaks Traveller to me in so many ways.

Ore-Crawlers are large (approx 1200tons) designed to sweep up surface ore and refine minerals and metals from said ore. It has a powerful fusion engine that powers the drives and refinery equipment, and also has a limited grav assist to help negotiate soft sand and so forth. The vehicle is sealed and can operate in vacuum and hostile environments. These are common industrial machines and are manufactured under license across the Imperium.

For more information you will need to find a copy of the adventure Duneraiders. Where…I have no idea. Ebay, Noble Knight Games…..there must be some out there somewhere.

Full Size Deckplans


7 thoughts on “Ore-Crawler from Gamelords 1984 Adventure “Duneraiders””

      1. Check out my other Traveller deckplans while you are here. Feel free to pinch them. They print out nicely and with some judicious scaling and gluing together (assuming you print A4 or Letter – I print them on A3 and glue together) they look good for 15mm and 28mm figures.

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  1. Brian,

    Are you still using MS paint for these?

    Did you build from scratch all the different fittings, floor plates, etc? Or did you find a library?

    The patience you must have had to do the outlines… having done some work in GIMP (layers!), I am really impressed by the time, the patience, and the hard work you’ve put into all your deckplans.

    Note, I tried to search for all deckplans using the deckplan tag. I don’t know if all of your deckplans actually have that tag. I noticed a few that didn’t come back from clicking the tag ‘deckplans’.

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    1. Yes – all in MS PAINT. I have a couple of images of things I have found on the net, things I modify, etc. I build all of the deckplans from those assets.

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