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Identify this figure UPDATE – Figure identified.

I found this Viking type figure with a slung bow and longsword in a box of random figures. The base has been filed so I have no idea of the manufacturer and there are no identifying marks.


Several helpful wargamers have told me that he is a Foundry Figure. I didn’t think old Foundry were that big. I have some old Foundry Napoleonic figures and they are like hobbits compared to modern 28s. Anyway – mystery solved. Thanks guys.

Old Foundry/Citadel Vikings 28mm

I acquired these miniatures a long time ago. So long ago I am having trouble remembering exactly when and where I got them.  I am pretty sure that I got them from the Citadel Miniatures shop in Hammersmith when I was living in London in the late 80s.

Vikings 1

It is probably a stretch to call these 28mm – I think they are more like big 25s. They are apparently Perry sculpts made c85-87 and were released initially under the “Fighters” range. Later released as Vikings.  Apart from three of the figures that I couldn’t find you can still get them from Wargames Foundry – the figures are in sets VSN1-4.

I know the current trend is for round bases but all I had were square ones and I needed to paint while the painting itch was on me – it has been markedly absent in my life for over six months now – so rather than wait to get some rounds I went for it.  And before you tell me – yeah I know – I saw the mold lines I missed when cleaning up the figures too.

I am pretty sure I got these in individual blister packs – but so long ago I cannot be sure. Anyways, they were among the lost treasures I found when tidying my stuff up. I knew I had them – just had never got around to painting them. They are forming the basis for a Viking warband for Saga or, more probably, Columbia Game’s Battlelust – a game I enjoy a lot.