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Monday Music: I was Only Nineteen (A Walk in the Light Green)

The Vietnam War is one of those conflicts that I have only gamed a couple of times. It does not really appeal to me.  However, I have been looking at what is available in different scales and there is a fair selection.  I have only looked at 15mm, but there are also extensive ranges of 1/300th, 1/72nd, 20mm and 25/28mm ranges. Get Googling if those scales interest you. As far as the 15mm ranges go, this is by  no means an exhaustive list – happy to update if anyone lets me know of other manufacturers I have left off.


Battle Front’s Tour of Duty line.  Quite extensive and looks pretty good. I have only ever seen the models in blisters but I am guessing that they are of the same pretty high standard as the rest of the BF line – arguments over the shape of a T-55’s turret notwithstanding.


Flashpoint Miniatures.  These look really nice. I have never even heard of them until I started looking for Vietnam War minis.


Old Glory Command Decision Vietnam Range. Old Glory can be relied upon to get pretty good figures at a pretty good price (especially if you have the Army Card). Infantry and Vehicles available in the range.


Skytrex 15mm Vietnam Vehicles. A small range of soft skin vehicles. They look pretty trick to me.


Anyways, on with the Monday Music. When I was in my twenties I got an album by the Australian folk band ‘Redgum’ that had this song on it. The first time I heard it I was moved to tears. It still has that affect on me. This video has a Redgum live soundtrack and the video from some other group’s cover of the song. Enjoy.

and the band themselves performing the song