Look at What I was Missing Out On!!


Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Now, as you all know there was wedding held here at Oeta on Saturday evening.  Now, what is held after all weddings?  Why a reception, of course and what is served at a wedding breakfast.  Food, of course.   Now as you all know, Me and Nellie are rather fond of our food.  What should have been served at this reception??

A whole sheep on the spit. A whole sheep on the spit.


Were Me and Nellie at the wedding breakfast partaking of all this sheep.  No, We were stuck at home, alone, unloved, unwanted.

Awaiting the food. Awaiting the food.

IMG_4291Now for all of you who want to see a photo of the most important person at a wedding, who is not a maremma.  

The bride The bride

Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land. And now a word from our mummy.

Please ignore, Jasper and Nellie’s pitiful pleas. …

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