Spring Cleaning the Woolshed, Pt 2.

Getting there. Discovered an old rat’s nest behind cabinets in my study!!! There were at least three dismembered possum carcasses in it. I have been waging chemical warfare against the rats for some time so the nest was old – thankfully. I shudder to think how big a rat that can drag a dead possum back to it’s place would have been. Am away from home for a week with work so will get back into it when I return.

Paints and modelling equipment all in one place. The boxes on the desk will be shelved when I get back home.
Much better. I can see the floor.
The 6×6 table cleared – with only miniatures on it.
My Lead/Plastic Mountain Cupboard. A quick calculation showed I will live to be 176 years old before I get all this lot completed.
Models in a cabinet – bliss. In this case the Zulu Wars and Wild West cabinet.
Damn – the 6×6 table got covered again. This time by my 2000Ad collection (for the most part). Hmmm – those Mongoose Judge Dredd figures sure look tempting about now,
Mrs Woolshedwargamer brought me over some lunch that we were able to eat at the coffee table, sitting on actual chairs. A first in the Woolshed for a while.

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