Spring Cleaning the Woolshed, Pt 3.

The spring cleaning efforts continue apace. I moved the last cabinet and found more of the giant rat’s nest.  I cleaned it all up but the wall lining was disgusting. Decided to replace it. Being a cheapskate I used scrap timber from a pile that we have been burning for the last five winters.

This is what a bit of a giant rat’s nest looks like. This nest had not been used for some time – possibly years as it was totally dried out. Yes – those are possum bones and skulls in there.
Cleaned out but the wall lining damaged. I have ripped the hessian that was covering the walls off.
New wooden linings up. Mostly from old pallets.
Some framing and skirting boards.
Pictures hung to make it more cosy for a wargamer.
OK, the chair needs some repairs. But still a nice place to sit and read.


Mrs Woolshedwargamer brought me food and drink. My own little cantiniere.
A camp follower hoping for some leftovers.

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