WIP Report: Buildings

I am on leave this week and instead of mowing lawns, pruning trees and helping Mrs Woolshedwargamer in the garden I am painting miniatures and making terrain. A man has to know where his responsibilities lie and prioritize accordingly.

First off. The first piece of Wild West terrain I have worked on in years. This is my sheriff’s office. I ballsed it up right off the bat by getting the height of the verandah roof wrong and most of my miniatures don’t fit underneath it. I am not doing it again so will just have to live with it. It is made of foam core and balsa wood. Windows are glazed with plastic from some piece of random packaging that I found. The corrugated iron is cardboard. Brickwork for the jail part of the Sheriff’s Office is etched into high density styro-foam. Have to add a chimney pipe and then texture the base.

Next up is another Conflix-like building. I did have a bunch of others I made a few years ago but they fell victim to a combination of depression and an open fire. This one will survive I think as I have got my life somewhat under control. Once again foam core board and card. Still to do – all the wooden framing, texturing and roof tiles. A job for tomorrow as it is all glued together and drying at the moment.


4 thoughts on “WIP Report: Buildings”

    1. I have quite a lot of scratch built buildings for my western skirmish gaming. I don’t do interiors though – I am old school – western shootouts should happen in streets (for the most part).

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      1. Are you into the battle of the Alamo at all? I, one day, hope to build an Alamo diorama, complete with detailed interiors. Can you post a group shot of all your wild west buildings? I’ve only ever built ruins. My latest can be seen on my recent post. It’s a ruined courthouse. Keep up the good work mate.

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      2. I was going to set up a Western Game table this weekend. Just fixed the table top (half an old table tennis table).


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