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Medieval/Pirate/Fantasy buildings completed.

I finished the buildings I was working on a few weeks ago.  Also finished a farm house and a barn.  I really need to make a few that are not quite so Conflix-like but these are easy to do and quite cathartic to work on.

First off – a farmhouse and barn. When I took the photos I realised I had not painted the door of the farmhouse. D’oh!

The gate house building. Not sure what to call it.

The Tavern/Inn building. I quite like this one even if it is pretty impractical as a structure. The balcony just holds a couple of 25mm round bases.

Now I really have to get back to painting Napoleonics. I have three units in various stages of preparation looking at me with accusing lead eyes.

WIP – More work on medieval/fantasy/pirate buildings

Finished the build stage on two more ‘Conflix’ like buildings. I was all set to undercoat them but my one can of matt black spray paint ran out of propellant.  The damn thing was half full of paint as well. It is a brand I use a lot and have never had a problem with.  The one problem with living a long way from town is that you can’t just whip down to the store to get something if you run out so it looks like I  will be painting them next week when I am away for work.

Construction was foamcore board, balsa, some bits and bobs from the scratch-building bucket and card. Lots and lots of card. Maybe I should use teddy bear fur and do thatching instead of tiling.

WIP Report: Buildings

I am on leave this week and instead of mowing lawns, pruning trees and helping Mrs Woolshedwargamer in the garden I am painting miniatures and making terrain. A man has to know where his responsibilities lie and prioritize accordingly.

First off. The first piece of Wild West terrain I have worked on in years. This is my sheriff’s office. I ballsed it up right off the bat by getting the height of the verandah roof wrong and most of my miniatures don’t fit underneath it. I am not doing it again so will just have to live with it. It is made of foam core and balsa wood. Windows are glazed with plastic from some piece of random packaging that I found. The corrugated iron is cardboard. Brickwork for the jail part of the Sheriff’s Office is etched into high density styro-foam. Have to add a chimney pipe and then texture the base.

Next up is another Conflix-like building. I did have a bunch of others I made a few years ago but they fell victim to a combination of depression and an open fire. This one will survive I think as I have got my life somewhat under control. Once again foam core board and card. Still to do – all the wooden framing, texturing and roof tiles. A job for tomorrow as it is all glued together and drying at the moment.

Stone Walls – made from stone.

Courtesy of gravel chips off the road when the road was resealed. I swept a few plastic bags full – have enough stone chips for modelling projects for the next hundred years I think.

Balsa wood bases, stone chips glued on with PVA.  When dry spray painted matt black and drybrushed with a grey, then a house paint remarkably similar in colour to GW “Bleached Bone”. Some flock and done.

I had made some stone walls ages ago but left them as natural stone – decided to try painting these ones and was glad I did.  Making these reminded me that I really have to fix some fences on my actual property.

More Conflix-like Buildings

Have not been near a miniature for the best part of two weeks. All I have done is complete three more Conflix-like buildings. All constructed from foam core, balsa and scrap cardboard.  All in all I am pretty happy how these are turning out.

A small merchant’s shop with attached workshop.



A building with a gate house. I showed this as a WIP last week.  I really like this one. It turned out quite well I thought.




And finally a generic building. Finished this one last week but worth another look I think.


The three buildings together.


Slow week at the Woolshed (WIP report)

I have only ‘finished’ one item this week – a building. Needed to do something other than painting miniatures so decided to make a few more buildings for my Conflix-style village. So one building finished and another almost ready for undercoating.


These new structures are made from a body of foam core rather than the insulation polystyrene mentioned in the linked article.  Other than that the techniques used are the same as in the tutorial linked to above. I usually work from a highly detailed set of plans like the one in the picture below.


The interior foam board construction.


Ready for painting.


Also took some time to make some more stone fences. The road outside was being resurfaced and I took the opportunity to fill up a few bags of stone chips. Probably have enough to last me a lifetime of making stone fences. In the background are some French hussars that are also being worked on at the moment – although I should say being sat and stared at because a brush hasn’t been near them in ages.