More Conflix-like Buildings

Have not been near a miniature for the best part of two weeks. All I have done is complete three more Conflix-like buildings. All constructed from foam core, balsa and scrap cardboard.  All in all I am pretty happy how these are turning out.

A small merchant’s shop with attached workshop.



A building with a gate house. I showed this as a WIP last week.  I really like this one. It turned out quite well I thought.




And finally a generic building. Finished this one last week but worth another look I think.


The three buildings together.



11 thoughts on “More Conflix-like Buildings”

  1. These are great Brian. Would do rather nicely for Bree…, though I’d probably paint them up with grey slate for the roof instead, rather than the brown clay/wood shingle… 🙂


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