BFG? Nah, this is BFD: Big Fecking Dave.

I have seen a couple of other examples where people used this Papo Orc action figure as a giant and thought – why not?  I came across one on Trademe (New Zealand’s version of eBay) and I got it for about NZ$10.00 which was a bargain in my opinion. He is made from a phthalate free PVC plastic  but given that I am not intending to chew on him he could be made from lead for all I care. He is molded in the light green pvc plastic  with the details painted on. He stand about 4.5″ high and just fits on a 50x50mm base.


First thing I did was try to orcify him up a bit. Changed his staff to an Orc Standard. Other people have converted the staff into another bloody great stone axe. I added a few shields as vambraces and changed his chest-plate into something more orcy than the poncy elvish looking sun-symbol on his chest.  Also added an Orc chopper as a knife so he has something to pick his fangs with.

BFD was then spray painted black. The interesting thing is that he took best part of a week to stop feeling tacky.  I actually got quite worried that perhaps the paint would start to dissolve the pvc plastic and perhaps I should have just brush undercoated him but he seemed to have survived.

Anyway, here is the finished model. He is based with a snotling/orcling – Wee Dave. I think he came out alright.

And finally all the Dave’s together.


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