Orc Boyz/Axe Regiment

This is a regiment sized unit made up of old 5/6th ed plastic orcs (plus a metal black orc standard bearer). These came from a number of sources so are all second hand purchased 12-plus years ago. The painting was, well lets just say, variable. I can best describe them as block painted in a range of basic colours.  I got these for next to nothing – a few bucks at most.  I was thinking of just spraying over them and starting again but then thought – hang on – I might as well spend my painting time on a new unit.I am currently painting a unit of twenty Savage Orcs who will be a standard Axe regiment in my Kings of War army.

So, to tart these second hand figures up I doused them in black and brown inks and washes. I mean I sloshed it on.  That was the sum total of my refurbishment work. Once they were based I think that they turned out pretty good – at least to a fair tabletop standard.


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