Zulu Wars: Dismounted Auxiliary Cavalry

When I got home from Wellington last week I found a package from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia waiting for me. Nathan had packaged these up and posted them to me before he left on his latest adventure in PNG.

These Empress Miniatures are lovely figures. I got the three sets of dismounted auxiliary cavalry (4 Natal Mounted Police, 4 Natal Carbineers and 2 each of Buffalo Border Guard and Newcastle Mounted Rifles).  These figures can easily be painted up as units that were attached to forces other than No 3 Column – such as the Stanger Mounted Rifles. They are on the small side compared to the Black Tree figures that make up the bulk of my miniatures for this project. Even Mrs Woolshedwargamer commented on the fact that “they look little”.

I now have to get some horse holders to make the unit “look right’ when deployed dismounted.  I think that these Empress Miniatures fit really well with my converted Perry Miniatures ACW cavalry.

Next on the wish list – horse holders for these guys and a unit of Mounted Natal Native Contingent, some Frontier Light Horse and Imperial Mounted Infantry.


3 thoughts on “Zulu Wars: Dismounted Auxiliary Cavalry”

  1. Thank you for the comments Brian and very lovely figures you have painted there. I do like this period and also need to expand on my collection a little more. Maybe a few more lancers or Dragoons plus the Navel Brigade lads might be enough.


    1. Enough? Never have enough. Have entire units still to collect. All those volunteer forces 🙂 And the praise is definitely earned – you run a really good web business.


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