Zulu Wars: uVe Regiment “The Fly Catchers”

Over Easter I had friends coming up to stay at the Woolshed and I wanted to host a Zulu War game. I had already painted two more Zulu regiments this month and wanted to knock off a third. This regiment of thirty-six figures took me two days. I had got them assembled and undercoated black on the weekend before Easter. Started them on Tuesday and finished them Wednesday evening – based and ready to go.

uVe “The Fly Catchers”

One of the youngest regiments in action during the war. uVe were formed in 1875. At Isandlwana they were in the left horn that was engaged by Durnford’s cavalry and were part of the group that rolled up the British line.  Farnsworth says that they may have been equipped with smaller umBumuluzo training shields rather than full sized war shield. I don’t have any shields that small so my uVe have full sized ones.  I do like the mixed shields in this unit.

Once again these are Black Tree Designs. I have one solitary married regiment left to paint, and that will leave me with ten completed Zulu Regiments. I guess I will wait until BTD has another sale or I find more second hand.

IMG_5316 IMG_5315 IMG_5313 IMG_5312 IMG_5311 IMG_5309 IMG_5308 IMG_5307


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