Six New 30 Dton Modules for Traveller

Six new deck plans for some common and not so common modules for use with modular cutters and modular freight star ships.

Bulk Chemical Module – as it says – fill it up with whatever gas or chemicals you need to transport.

Hydroponics Module – Growing beds and the machinery to support them. Includes a control station and small office.  Polarized windows allow access to direct sunlight.

Dining Car Module – A galley and cramped seating for up to 96 diners. Usually used on Modular jump ships carrying lots of passengers in cramped quarters.  Talking of which….

High Capacity Berthing Module – Five bunk rooms each with 16 bunks and lockers (80 passengers). Shared toilet/shower facilities. Small cargo space mainly used for luggage and supplies. Most commonly seen used in in-system transport.

Search and Rescue Module – This module has large electromagnetic clamps that can grip onto a star ship hull and a large rescue air lock (and associated cutting gear to make an entrance into a ship’s hull. Eight emergency low berths are available for evacuees.

Recovery Module – Essentially a crane module. Used for recovery of vehicles or for those times when a conventional crane is not available or feasible. Clamps hold the ‘cargo’ in place.

Six New Modules

For more modules check out this post.


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