12 Modules for the 50ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

As promised, here are some deck plans for a variety of modules. I have not added a key – yet.   They are mostly built from the designs shown in GURPS Traveller: Modular Cutter.  However, one credit goes to a guy called Brook West who posted a design of a Recreational Vehicle Module back in 2002 on the internet. I reworked it slightly and there it is. Your own powered Winnebago in Space.  It comes with a detachable nose-cone that can fit into the cargo bay to aid streamlining.


30dton Modules


5 thoughts on “12 Modules for the 50ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)”

    1. Cheers – it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen for Traveller. That and your fast food module. Brilliant.


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