2014 Painting Schedule


The painting desk should get another work out this year. I have gone through what I have left to paint for my Peninsular War project – and it was more than I thought. I really do not remember buying all this lead. The magic lead-pixies must be bringing in more while I am asleep.


  • 2 x 12 fig Dragoon Regiments (Elite), 1 x Spanish Hussars (Perry plastic)
  • 1 x Spanish Line Regiment (24 figs) (Elite)
  • 3 x Spanish Guard Regiments (24 figs) (Elite)
  • 1 x Small Spanish guerrilla unit (Front Rank)
  • 1 x 24 fig Catalonian Light Infantry (Front Rank)


  • 2 x 24 fig Cacadore Battalions (one Elite and one Front Rank)
  • 3 x 24 fig Line Battalions (Elite)


  • 2 x 24 fig British Line Battalions (Old Glory)
  • 1 x 12 fig Dragoon Regiment (Elite)
  • 1 x 12 fig Light Dragoon Regiment (Elite)
  • Rocket Troop (Warlord Games)
  • Line Artillery Battery (Elite)
  • RHA Battery (Elite)

Then there is the plastic stuff that I may or may not use. About six boxes of various Victrix British/Scots and 2 boxes of Perry British.

For the French I have two half finished Guard battalions to complete – one each of Grenadiers and Chasseurs (both Front Rank). There are also about five French cavalry regiments to do (One of Hussars, 2 x Cuirassier, 1 x Saxon and another Dragoon regiment). I have no idea how many infantry battalions I have in lead – maybe a dozen or more (mixed Front Rank, Connoisseur and even some old Hotspur).  I am not even counting the boxes of plastic French infantry and cavalry (Perry and Warlord for the most part).

Then there is the War of 1812 stuff


  • 2 x Line Regiments (Old Glory)
  • Maryland Volunteers (Old Glory)
  • 3 x Regiments of Militia (Old Glory)
  • Maryland Dragoons (Old Glory)
  • Artillery Battery (Old Glory)


  • Glengarry Light Infantry (Old Glory)
  • Canadian Voltigeurs (Old Glory)
  • 2 x Regiments Canadian Embodied Militia (Old Glory and Knuckleduster)
  • British Light Dragoons (Old Glory)
  • 2 x Battalions of Sedentary Militia (Old Glory)
  • 1 x Caldwell Rangers (Knuckleduster)
  • Indian warband

So, the pirates/post apocalypse stuff is looking like a 2016 project. I just realised that I also have a bunch of unfinished Wild West stuff as well. A complete Dixon Samurai army. More GW Bretonnians. The list goes on.

Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “2014 Painting Schedule”

  1. I am “SHOCKED” that there are no Tékumel units included in this list!!! 😉

    Good luck, Brian! I would be happy to paint half that many miniatures this year…


  2. your project lists looks like mine,except i somehow unkowingly managed to collect a british or english army from most major military events from 1500s-anglo-zulu war with a smattering of opposing armies.it actually led to yet another side project for a display of the evolution of the british redcoat,and for the 1st time i think i have near everything i need already! happy modelling!


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