A review of 2013 in the Woolshed

The Woolshed on a misty morning.
The Woolshed on a misty morning.

This time a year ago I started this blog as a prompt to get me painting and not sitting and staring at the piles of unpainted miniatures in my collection. You know, apart from a few months in winter when I just couldn’t be fagged, I have done pretty well. My painting totals are as follows:

10 x  Wild West skirmish figures (West Wind and Blue Moon)

1 x 4 gun French Artillery Battery (Perry Miniatures)

1 x 12 figure Saxon Garde du Corps cavalry regiment (Connoisseur Miniatures)

2 x 12 figure French Line Chasseur cavalry regiments (Connoisseur and Hinchliffe)

1 x French Old Guard Chasseur Battalion (Front Rank)

1 x French Old Guard Grenadier Battalion (Victrix Plastic)

1 x Bavarian Infantry Battalion (Connoisseur and Front Rank)

3 x Spanish Militia Battalions by Brigade Games (Cuidad Rodrigo) and Perry (de Mallorca and Oveido )

3 x Spanish Infantry Battalions (mostly Elite). La Reina, Valencia, Real Compania Irlandesa.

2 x Spanish Guerrilla units (Front Rank and a few East Riding Miniatures)

1 x 4 gun Spanish Artillery Battery (Elite)

3 x bases of various staff officers (Perry, Front Rank and Hinchliffe)

5 x Battalions of British Line and Light Infantry

1 x Battalion of 60th Rifles (Perry Miniatures)

1 x Battalion of 95th Rifles (Offensive Miniatures)

I also re-based nine French Cavalry regiments and twenty battalions of French Infantry.

Not a bad tally really. Twenty three “units” and some extras. Given the glacial nature of my painting output in the last twenty years this has been meteoric.  I intend to keep the momentum up this year. More Spanish and British and perhaps a few units of French or French allies.  What I would like to do is actually get a decent digital camera.

Add to this the work I did on my Traveller RPG setting, my Beasts and Barbarians RPG and the disruption that having a teenage party caused, I think I  have had a pretty full hobby year.

Here is to another fruitful wargaming year in 2014 for all of us.



5 thoughts on “A review of 2013 in the Woolshed”

    1. Thanks Roly. When you look at it like that…it isn’t too bad considering I live away from home half the time, have a farmlet to look after, am working full time and at odd hours,


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