The Rules with No Name: Drunk Card Deck

When we play The Rules with No Name rather than use the rules as written in the rulebook for drunks – which are a lot of fun but can slow things down – we use this following deck of Drunk Cards. A drunk character in our games is defined either by the scenario (for instance if cowboys are in town on a spree) or by the miniature itself. 


When a drunk character takes a turn we consult a table and throw a d6. 

1 -2          Do what you were doing last turn or nothing (Can duck back voluntarily if already near/in cover)   

3-5           Draw a card from the Drunk Deck

6              Sober Up (Can act as normal for rest of game)

Here are the Drunk Deck Cards. Feel free to use as you will.







And of course, no card is complete without a back.


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