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Paint Brushes

Last year I brought a bunch of stuff off Wish and included in that lot was a couple of sets of paint brushes. I think the total cost of these brushes was about NZD$10.00. Normally I buy Games Workshop brushes but they are pushing $10 each now. I have tried $2 Shop (I guess Dollar Store or Pound Store to you Yanks and Poms) brushes with varying amounts of success and failure so was not holding out too much hope for these Wish brushes.

I have been pleasantly surprised. Already painted three units with the first of them and have had no problems.  For the price I am not too worried about how long they last but with normal maintenance I think they will surprise me.


2014 Painting Schedule


The painting desk should get another work out this year. I have gone through what I have left to paint for my Peninsular War project – and it was more than I thought. I really do not remember buying all this lead. The magic lead-pixies must be bringing in more while I am asleep.


  • 2 x 12 fig Dragoon Regiments (Elite), 1 x Spanish Hussars (Perry plastic)
  • 1 x Spanish Line Regiment (24 figs) (Elite)
  • 3 x Spanish Guard Regiments (24 figs) (Elite)
  • 1 x Small Spanish guerrilla unit (Front Rank)
  • 1 x 24 fig Catalonian Light Infantry (Front Rank)


  • 2 x 24 fig Cacadore Battalions (one Elite and one Front Rank)
  • 3 x 24 fig Line Battalions (Elite)


  • 2 x 24 fig British Line Battalions (Old Glory)
  • 1 x 12 fig Dragoon Regiment (Elite)
  • 1 x 12 fig Light Dragoon Regiment (Elite)
  • Rocket Troop (Warlord Games)
  • Line Artillery Battery (Elite)
  • RHA Battery (Elite)

Then there is the plastic stuff that I may or may not use. About six boxes of various Victrix British/Scots and 2 boxes of Perry British.

For the French I have two half finished Guard battalions to complete – one each of Grenadiers and Chasseurs (both Front Rank). There are also about five French cavalry regiments to do (One of Hussars, 2 x Cuirassier, 1 x Saxon and another Dragoon regiment). I have no idea how many infantry battalions I have in lead – maybe a dozen or more (mixed Front Rank, Connoisseur and even some old Hotspur).  I am not even counting the boxes of plastic French infantry and cavalry (Perry and Warlord for the most part).

Then there is the War of 1812 stuff


  • 2 x Line Regiments (Old Glory)
  • Maryland Volunteers (Old Glory)
  • 3 x Regiments of Militia (Old Glory)
  • Maryland Dragoons (Old Glory)
  • Artillery Battery (Old Glory)


  • Glengarry Light Infantry (Old Glory)
  • Canadian Voltigeurs (Old Glory)
  • 2 x Regiments Canadian Embodied Militia (Old Glory and Knuckleduster)
  • British Light Dragoons (Old Glory)
  • 2 x Battalions of Sedentary Militia (Old Glory)
  • 1 x Caldwell Rangers (Knuckleduster)
  • Indian warband

So, the pirates/post apocalypse stuff is looking like a 2016 project. I just realised that I also have a bunch of unfinished Wild West stuff as well. A complete Dixon Samurai army. More GW Bretonnians. The list goes on.

Wish me luck.