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Monday Music: Paper Lace “Billy Don’t be a hero”

Painting Soldier Blues at the moment so…….

I had this on a Paper Lace LP back in the 70s until my bloody older brother repossessed his record collection that he had left at home for years while overseas. That is when I learned that possession being 9/10ths of the law didn’t really hold up. Hope you still have it Chris 🙂

Monday Music: Panzerleid

Yeah I know – it is not Monday.

I first heard this when I watched the 1965 movie Battle of the Bulge.

Panzerlied was composed in 1933. In 2017, the German Army was banned from publishing song books containing Panzerlied and other marching songs by the Minsiter of Defence, Ursula von der Leyen.  An attempt at denazification apparently but they are happy to name their tanks after big cats, just like the Wermacht in WW2.

Youtube deleted the previous video. Probably because they are actual Nazis.  How long this musical version will remain is anyone’s guess. Tokyo Philharmonic’s rendition.



Monday Music: The Good Ship Venus

You ever wake up with a song in your head that you can’t get rid of? Happened to me this morning with this song. As a kid in the 60s I remember we used to sing this and titter about how rude it was even though we probably didn’t even understand the lyrics.  Exactly why I was thinking about this song I am not sure, but in a tenuous attempt to link it to my wargaming I have recently dug out a huge box of pirate miniatures and the associated plastic Playmobil and MegaBlok ships I always meant to convert for gaming.  Hey – works for me.  My first completed pirate ship will definitely be christened the Venus.


Not sure of the exact origins of the song, but Wikipedia says that the song may have it’s origins in the disappearance of the brig Venus on it’s way to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in 1806 with a load of convicts. Who knows?

A series of verses written in traditional limerick format.

I remember when the Sex Pistols put out their version “Friggin in the Riggin” on the Great Rock N Roll Swindle album in the late 70s it was quite popular but never played on the radio in New Zealand – probably too bawdy for our delicate ears.

A non-rude version for starters.

The Sex Pistol’s Version “Friggin in the Riggin”

An older classic version by Oscar Brand.

And in case that wasn’t enough.



Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run

As you know the Woolshed is located deep in rural New Zealand. From time to time I do a post about rural life. Yesterday the kids got some rabbits and not wanting to waste anything – they have ended up in the pot for dinner (made a nice rabbit, sage and red wine stew) and a couple are going to be made into a Mr McGregor’s Rabbit Pie next week.

Rather appropriately it was a Friday too.






img_1629The dog knows there are some tasty guts for it.






IMG_1625A reward for the dogs for being so patient.

Monday Music: Snoopy’s Christmas

In New Zealand we always know when the Christmas season is upon us when we hear Snoopy’s Christmas on the radio for the first time.


This year, for me, it was quite late – just last week. I think that it drives a lot of people nuts, but I find it quite reassuring. A bit of local tradition.  The song is by the group ‘The Royal Guardsmen’ who are in fact a US group.from Florida.

Snoopy’s Christmas

Another Snoopy v The Red Baron Song

And apparently Snoopy didn’t get The Red Baron the first time.


It is reassuring to know that Snoopy is still on the trail of bad guys in these modern times.


Enjoy the music and Happy Christmas to all.


Monday Music: The Battle of New Orleans

battle of new orleans

I watch a lot of music videos and I have to say that I have found the gayest one with a military theme ever.  This is the classic Johnny Horton song – The Battle of New Orleans.  There is not much I can say about this other than…enjoy. Anyone out there making Brits and US troops like these?  If there are, please stop. Immediately.


If you want to watch the classic movie “The Buccaneer”  starring Yul Brynner as Jean Lafitte and Charlton Heston as a pretty good looking Andrew Jackson – there is a link at the bottom of this post.

This is a version that will be totally unknown to anyone outside of New Zealand I imagine.  It harkens to the Land Wars in the Waikato – sort of – maybe.  The Howard Morrison Quartet were a Maori stage act greatly loved here in New Zealand.  Sad to say that half their stuff would be considered too un-PC now I suspect.

As usual I like to find some appropriate miniatures to accompany my music posts. I seriously doubt I could ever find anything as outrageous as the uniforms in the video though.  Here are my three favourite War of 1812 ranges. All good and all compatible with each other.

Old Glory War of 1812.  A fantastic range covering both sides of the conflict. My favourites are the Kentucky Volunteers and the Glengarry Light Infantry skirmishing.  I have a stack of these and will get them on the blog at some stage in the near future.

Knuckleduster War of 1812.  I have to admit that while I have lots of Forrest’s Cowboys, I have not got any of these so can only comment on what I can see in his catalogue. What I see is a fantastic and extensive range. Forrest’s sculpting has got better and better and he has a style of his own that I really like. These are on my radar.

Brigade Games War of 1812. A new(ish) range. I have already brought Brigade Games Napoleonic Spanish guerillas and I loved the models. Beautiful crisp and clean castings. This War of 1812 range looks to be more of the same.