Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run

As you know the Woolshed is located deep in rural New Zealand. From time to time I do a post about rural life. Yesterday the kids got some rabbits and not wanting to waste anything – they have ended up in the pot for dinner (made a nice rabbit, sage and red wine stew) and a couple are going to be made into a Mr McGregor’s Rabbit Pie next week.

Rather appropriately it was a Friday too.






img_1629The dog knows there are some tasty guts for it.






IMG_1625A reward for the dogs for being so patient.

6 thoughts on “Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run”

  1. I cannot imagine my kids killing and cleaning their own supper. My brothers kids hunt with him but I was never into the hanging out in the cold part of hunting. I preferred to wait for him to bring it home. 🙂

    Did you hunt or use traps to catch the rabbits?


  2. Interesting to see some aspects of farm life as a city person. Much better to eat fresh instead of going to the supermarket. I also appreciate that one actually has a better idea of where meat vomes from, not just the packed boxes in the supermarket.


  3. Reminded me of coneys in the wilderness with Frodo, Sam and Smeagol! Good work Brian, those bloody rabbits are a pest here in Oz too mate. Looked like good eating though.


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