Confederate Limber

I really want some six horse limbers for my ACW armies because they just look so freaking great. But…they are an expensive addition to the army. I was looking in the Woolshed and found a box with a few dozen old Hinchliffe Napoleonic limber horses. When I say old I mean I think I got these in 1980. I looked at these, looked at the plastic Perry limber I had and thought – why not. OK – the collars are wrong, the harness is wrong…whatever. I can use the money I save to buy some dismounted cavalry.

I added a couple of Perry plastic artillerymen. One I sort of converted to a sitting pose.

At some stage I will add some harnesses from the horses to the limbers and between them etc. Not sure what I will use – maybe some crochet string and seal it with pva. Any ideas welcomed.

4 thoughts on “Confederate Limber”

  1. That looks fabulous Brian. I have tried two things for limber ropes. One is to light weight fishing line – the twine type not the single strand nylon (I just went to the Warehouse and bought a child’s hand line for about $3) that I coated with super glue, but PVA would probably work just as well and them paint it. For something more robust get some thin wire (22 gauge is best) cut a 500mm length, fold it in half, put the folded end in the chuck of your battery drill and hold the other two open ends together in a pair of pliers and press the trigger on your drill. It will twist up very quickly into a rope like piece that you can cut to length with pliers.

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    1. I agree. I figure that the limbers I do will usually be used with my cavalry brigades. Infantry brigades will have to get by with a gun base turned around to show “limbered”.

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