28mm British Foot Artillery (Elite Miniatures)

My second unit completed. Two so far this month. This time it is a battery of Elite Miniatures British Foot Artillery.  I got these models from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia. I brought three guns and crews. There were five crewmen per gun. After I had painted all fifteen crew I decided to only use four per base so mounted the remaining three miniatures on separate round bases.  Being Elite miniatures a lot of the guys are looking at something up in the sky. I am not sure why they are sculpted that way but it is certainly a way of identifying Elites.


The extra crew. They will either be decoration on the table top or used as gunners in skirmish games.


Decided to do something a little different with one gun. So here we have the crew replacing a damaged wheel.


The battery in action.


8 thoughts on “28mm British Foot Artillery (Elite Miniatures)”

  1. Great stuff Brian – I must have missed this when you first posted. I particularly like the way you have done the weathering on the bronze barrels. Very effective indeed.


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