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Bretonnian Mounted Men at Arms / Brotherhood Villein Initiates

Once again I have no idea what the hell a Villein Initiate is but I am hoping that they are the same as my Bretonnian Mounted Men at Arms. This is a Kings of War Regiment. The figures are old 5th Edition/6th Edition Mounted Squires. I added a few standards and the odd head swap with plastic Men-at-Arms miniatures.

I got these figures years ago in an internet trade. I am pretty sure I paid $20 for the lot (plus postage) which was about one tenth the cost of the same figures new in New Zealand at the time.  I think the days of deals like that are long gone unfortunately.


Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer – or some other thingie in Kings of War.

Now that I have got a couple of thousand points of Orcs ready for Kings of War I am moving on to my Bretonnians who will become Kingdoms of Men or Brotherhood or something.  Most of my stuff is pretty much good to go as it has not lived for ten years in a box but was actually shelved and looked after. I have to paint some Pegasus Knights and some more Grail Pilgrims to use as their Kings of War equivalents.

I did find this fan made list which I like for a direct Bretonnian Warhammer Fantasy to Kings of War crossover.  I will probably use it for friendly games at home but will use one of the more official armies (Basiliean or Brotherhood or whatever) if I ever go to a tournament.


I am pretty sure that I got this miniature from the Bretonnian Army Box that was available for a while when the Bretonnians were revamped for 6th Edition back in 2004. He is the Limited Edition Bretonnian Army Standard Bearer.  It is another chronically unbalanced miniature. A plastic horse with a metal rider and a stonking great metal standard that shifts the centre of gravity of the model up so high that on anything other than a dead flat surface it keels over. To that end he fell over in my last game with him and toppled off the table and fell apart on hitting the floor. I had to do a bit of gluing and touching up but here he is – back in one piece.

I like to paint my Bretonnians with simple block colours. The heraldry on the barding is from a sheet of water slide decals I got off a guy in the States who knocked them out himself. I am not sure he operated any more but he was known as Imperial Forge.

BFG? Nah, this is BFD: Big Fecking Dave.

I have seen a couple of other examples where people used this Papo Orc action figure as a giant and thought – why not?  I came across one on Trademe (New Zealand’s version of eBay) and I got it for about NZ$10.00 which was a bargain in my opinion. He is made from a phthalate free PVC plastic  but given that I am not intending to chew on him he could be made from lead for all I care. He is molded in the light green pvc plastic  with the details painted on. He stand about 4.5″ high and just fits on a 50x50mm base.


First thing I did was try to orcify him up a bit. Changed his staff to an Orc Standard. Other people have converted the staff into another bloody great stone axe. I added a few shields as vambraces and changed his chest-plate into something more orcy than the poncy elvish looking sun-symbol on his chest.  Also added an Orc chopper as a knife so he has something to pick his fangs with.

BFD was then spray painted black. The interesting thing is that he took best part of a week to stop feeling tacky.  I actually got quite worried that perhaps the paint would start to dissolve the pvc plastic and perhaps I should have just brush undercoated him but he seemed to have survived.

Anyway, here is the finished model. He is based with a snotling/orcling – Wee Dave. I think he came out alright.

And finally all the Dave’s together.


Orc Boyz/Axe Regiment

This is a regiment sized unit made up of old 5/6th ed plastic orcs (plus a metal black orc standard bearer). These came from a number of sources so are all second hand purchased 12-plus years ago. The painting was, well lets just say, variable. I can best describe them as block painted in a range of basic colours.  I got these for next to nothing – a few bucks at most.  I was thinking of just spraying over them and starting again but then thought – hang on – I might as well spend my painting time on a new unit.I am currently painting a unit of twenty Savage Orcs who will be a standard Axe regiment in my Kings of War army.

So, to tart these second hand figures up I doused them in black and brown inks and washes. I mean I sloshed it on.  That was the sum total of my refurbishment work. Once they were based I think that they turned out pretty good – at least to a fair tabletop standard.


Big Dave – A big FU!UKing Orc

Today’s Orcy Update is Big Dave. For my purposes he will be a Kings of War Krudger (an Orc Champion). I have had the figure for a long time (like maybe ten years but I honestly cannot remember) and only painted him in the last few days. He comes from the Frothers Unite-UK range of sometimes available figures. He is a great sculpt and I am glad I brought him, whenever that was.  He is, at least according to the FU!UK ‘store’  still available from Frothers  for £4 including postage anywhere in the world which is a pretty good bargain.

He has the traditional Orcy look favoured by sculptors since the cartoony look was popularised by (and I am guessing here) Games Workshop back in the 90s. However, he has a more gritty visage than the GW variants and I would have loved to see the sculptor who made him actually do a range of orcs.

He was a two part figure. The humongous axe and hands were a separate piece to the rest of the mini.  As I am wont to do I drilled and pinned his hands before gluing together.  He is armoured in an impressive boiler-suit of armour that, as far as I can see, has no way into or out of it. That may be why Big Dave scowls so much.

Orc Giants: WIP

Just a note to show what I am planning on painting this week.

First off the old Marauder Giant from 1990. Since this was taken he has been disassembled, paint stripped, epoxied back together and undercoated. I got this guy in my job lot of second hand Orcs back in about 2004-ish.


Next is a Papo toy Orc Warrior re-purposed as an Orc Giant, or is that a Giant Orc – not sure which. I saw a couple of versions of this model online and was really impressed with how he came out. He was also about $NZ12.00 which is a cheap Giant by any measure. He was carrying a staff in his left hand. The other versions I saw of him converted this staff to another giant stone axe. I decided to give him an Orc standard instead. A few other Orcy bits have been glued on as well as a couple of shield as vambraces. He is mounted on a 50×50 base and is now undercoated as well and first dabs of paint are going on him today.

Orc Characters/Command

Depending on the rule set I use this is either a command stand or just three characters.  I used a wooden coaster and made three slots to take 25x25mm bases.

The Orc General is the classic Grimgor figure. This one my son and I painted together when he was eight or so. It does hold a special place in my heart to be honest – probably more important to me than any other miniature I have ever painted or am likely to ever paint. In Kings of War he is classed as a Krudger (Infantry Hero).  He has Crushing Strength(2) and is Inspiring. With five attacks hitting on 3+ he is no slouch either. Some magic armour and he is one tough cookie.

The Shaman is the Games Workshop 6th Edition Orc Shaman – or at least one of them. He has that Orcy look down pat. In Kings of War he is a Godspeaker. In the version of the KoW rules I have he can throw Fireballs (9) and has Inspiring and Godspeaker. In other versions he seems to lose Fireball and gets Bane-Chant (3) which allows him to try to augment fighting and wounding abilities of friendly units. I suppose I should get the official 2nd Ed Rule Book.

Lastly there is the GW Black Orc Standard Bearer. As I understand it this was a special figure included in the Orc Army Box released in 2000. I have no idea about the special rules for this guy but he was incredibly unbalanced – more of that below. In Kings of War he is a Flagger (an Army standard bearer). He only has one attack but is Inspiring which allows him to force re-rolls of failed nerve tests to friendly units within his inspiring range.



Grimgor in two modes.


And finally.

The most unbalanced character ever created for the Warhammer Fantasy Game. Seriously – how this guy is meant to actually stand up on anything other than a perfectly flat surface I will never know. He is even worse than my Bretonnian Army Standard Bearer.


Grimgor’s Wheels (aka Krudger on Gore Chariot)

OK, so I had acquired this painted Grimgor Ironhide miniature way back in time. I had an unpainted Orc chariot. Now Grimgor has some wheels. I have a driver figure but there was no room for him. Was going to mount him standing on the yoke but it made it look cluttered – so an orcling is along for the ride instead.  Grimgor needed a few touch ups to fix paint chips received after twelve years living in a box with other miniatures but other than that all I did was hack the slotta base tab off the bottom to glue him into the chariot.

In Warhammer Fantasy Grimgor is a killer character figure. He had attacks out the wahzoo, magic items galore and came with a big unit of Black Orcs that made him one tough nut. So tough that when GW destroyed the Warhammer Fantasy milieu I think he was one of the only characters to survive or something. I guess they had a lot of un-sold Grimgor’s in metal and resin and didn’t want to melt them down. Who knows.

In Kings of War he has been relegated to a generic Orc krudger. Why Mantic decided to use that term I have no idea, other than perhaps Games Workshop had copyrighted “Boss” and “Orc” in the same sentence. “Chieftan” would have done it for me. But Krudger he is.

As far as game stats go he is no slouch in Kings of War either. Hits on 3s, is wounded on 5s and has seven attacks. His Crushing Strength (2) means he beats down most armour. Coupled with his Thunderous Charge (2), unless I am reading the rules wrong he gets +4 on his dice roll to wound (assuming he charges and said charge is unhindered). He can be upgraded with the usual KoW magic items and also take a Goblin Stabby Sneak (effectively a Goblin assassin who is ranged like a throwing weapon and has a 50/50 chance of returning to be used in subsequent  turns) or a Goblin Zappy Sneak (a Goblin magician who obeys orders on anything but a 1  – if you roll a 1 he attacks you instead – who uses the Zap(2) special rule  to potentially zap a few extra wounds onto your enemy).

Of course he also has the special rule Inspiring so he can force your opponent to re-roll a failed Nerve test for one of your units if the Krudger is within 6″.

Unit Size Sp Me Ra De At Ne Pts Special
    (1) 7 3+ 5+ 7 14/16 185 Hero (LrgCav), Base Size: (50x100mm), Crushing Strength (2), Inspiring, Thunderous Charge (2) Add

I have always liked the GW Grimgor miniature and thought this was a good use for the second hand one I had. I do have another version that my son and I painted together back when he was about eight but he will be the subject of another post.

Savage Orc Boar Boyz/Orc Gore Riders

I painted these really quickly from scratch last week while I was at work (well not exactly while at work but while I was away for work). I decided not to go as far as doing tribal tattoos and so forth – just wanted the unit on the table. I could go back and do them at some stage if I wanted I guess.  Figures are a mix of Games Workshop miniatures from about 4th to 6th edition as far as I am aware.

With the movement tray I wanted to stagger the position of the miniatures to give a more random look to a bunch of ranked figures. I did flirt with the idea of only using say six figures and making a single based “regiment”. But that would have entailed cutting the boars off their mounting slot thingies and frankly I couldn’t gather the enthusiasm. Kings of War has no issue with whether the full ten figures that make up a regiment are actually on the base as long as the minimum are there – in this case it would be six figures. The footprint of the base is what is important.


And lastly, I knocked up a movement tray for the unit of Boar (Gore) Riders I did a few weeks back.