Orc Characters/Command

Depending on the rule set I use this is either a command stand or just three characters.  I used a wooden coaster and made three slots to take 25x25mm bases.

The Orc General is the classic Grimgor figure. This one my son and I painted together when he was eight or so. It does hold a special place in my heart to be honest – probably more important to me than any other miniature I have ever painted or am likely to ever paint. In Kings of War he is classed as a Krudger (Infantry Hero).  He has Crushing Strength(2) and is Inspiring. With five attacks hitting on 3+ he is no slouch either. Some magic armour and he is one tough cookie.

The Shaman is the Games Workshop 6th Edition Orc Shaman – or at least one of them. He has that Orcy look down pat. In Kings of War he is a Godspeaker. In the version of the KoW rules I have he can throw Fireballs (9) and has Inspiring and Godspeaker. In other versions he seems to lose Fireball and gets Bane-Chant (3) which allows him to try to augment fighting and wounding abilities of friendly units. I suppose I should get the official 2nd Ed Rule Book.

Lastly there is the GW Black Orc Standard Bearer. As I understand it this was a special figure included in the Orc Army Box released in 2000. I have no idea about the special rules for this guy but he was incredibly unbalanced – more of that below. In Kings of War he is a Flagger (an Army standard bearer). He only has one attack but is Inspiring which allows him to force re-rolls of failed nerve tests to friendly units within his inspiring range.



Grimgor in two modes.


And finally.

The most unbalanced character ever created for the Warhammer Fantasy Game. Seriously – how this guy is meant to actually stand up on anything other than a perfectly flat surface I will never know. He is even worse than my Bretonnian Army Standard Bearer.


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