WIP – Spanish Cuirassiers

Seeing as how much I hate cavalry I really seem to be painting a lot of them at the moment.  My latest unit I am working on is a regiment of Spanish Cuirassiers. Now these are a bit later than my 1808 Spanish army by a few years but I had these Perry Plastic Cuirassiers and did not need them as French (have four metal regiments as yet unpainted for my French army), so decided to do them as Spaniards. I am not sure how many men the Spanish actually outfitted in captured French kit but thought that they looked neat – which was enough for me.

3 thoughts on “WIP – Spanish Cuirassiers”

  1. Less than two squadrons of spanish cuirassiers were ever equiped with plates and helmets found in abandonned arsenals in southern spain or taken from french provsionnal cuirassier rgt included into the surrender of french units after Baylen.


    1. I figured that was the case but still, it is going to be a 12 figure regiment – whether that is a couple of troops or an entire regiment I guess depends on the scale I am using at the time. As an aside – given the number of Spanish cuirassier units later in the war they must have started manufacturing their own kit. Thoughts?


  2. I wouldn’t have thought that the Spanish managed to manufacture much of anything after 1808 until they reclaimed the country from late 1813 onwards, and then they probably wouldn’t have had much use for cuirassiers. Besides which, decent mounts were always a problem for them and the Portuguese.

    Either way I wanted to do a few of these myself, but couldn’t fit them into my early war Spanish. Looking at these now I wish I had (even just for the fun of it), and I particularly like the horse colour you have used on this figure. Beautiful work.


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