D&D Miniatures – Invisible Stalker

Many years ago in the late 70s and 80s I had a lot of D&D miniatures. What exactly happened to them I am not sure – their fate is lost in the dim dark past. As a change from painting Napoleonics and Zulus I thought I would have a go at modelling and painting some new ones.

First cab off the rank is this Invisible Stalker. I used to have the old Grenadier version but acquiring one of those is pretty hard these days – they are almost impossible to find. So I made one myself, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. Without bragging too much I think it is some of my best brushwork to date.


Invisible Stalker 1
Front View
Invisible Stalker 2
Rear View




11 thoughts on “D&D Miniatures – Invisible Stalker”

  1. Lovely work Brian. I hope you don’t think I’m having a go here, but is it possible you may have missed a bit on the Stalker’s top left shoulder (just beside the equipment strap)?

    It could just be reflection or a trick of the light, of course…

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  2. Excellent work. You painted the invisibility so well that one could think there is nothing on the base.

    Funny thought: Could you paint a miniature up as a dungeon wall so that it fuses with the background?


    1. Thanks – a bit of humour. Glad you like my blog. Helps a lot with the crap that goes on in my life 🙂


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