WIP – Spanish Mounted Bananas

If there is one thing I hate more than painting Cavalry it is painting Cavalry in yellow tunics. What were the designers of military costumes in the Napoleonic period thinking when they gave Spanish Dragoons yellow coats, yellow pistol covers, yellow saddle cloths and yellow capes and portmanteaus? Certainly not about people like me who have real trouble with that colour.

This is where I am up to after a week of effort. One figure almost completed – more of a test than anything else. I am just not sure if it is too bright? I have not varnished it yet. I did base coat in GW Zamesi Desert, then a mix of Zamesi Desert/Sunburst Yellow (don’t know the new name) and then a final going over with GW Golden Yellow (old name).


7 thoughts on “WIP – Spanish Mounted Bananas”

  1. Been there. My study is a mess at the moment – I have this week off so in between farm chores I hope to get it tidied up.


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