Spanish Reina Dragoons – Elite Miniatures

Got these yellow coated Dragoons finished. A lovely cold but clear early winter day at the Woolshed meant I could take some pics outside where there was some light. The Woolshed lighting leaves a lot to be desired at the moment.

These are all Elite Miniatures. Only one pose of trooper is available, along with a single officer, standard bearer and trumpeter. I think that they still look quite dynamic despite that. With the horses available they don’t all sit the same way on their mounts so that even without repositioning sword arms they look like a regiment at the canter/gallop. Which direction I will leave up to your imagination.

Look, for the life of me I do not know why WordPress re-orients pictures that were taken in portrait and that I have modified to be landscape. I cannot get the them right way up so either tilt your head or your monitor.   Figured it out!!

The flag is a fabric Maverick Models “white” Spanish cavalry flag kindly donated to me by Lawrence at This Life in Lead.



And some pictures of the Spanish Cavalry Brigade I have finished over the last month or so.

14 thoughts on “Spanish Reina Dragoons – Elite Miniatures”

      1. That is my idea as well – have most of the troops in the colorful but somewhat outdated uniforms of the old Royal army, with some volunteers/militia added in.


  1. Magnificent work. I completely agree with your remark about the dynamic nature of the force when looked at as a whole.Any new infantry in the works?


    1. Yes – just about to varnish a anew Spanish battalion – knocked it out in three days of hobby time – maybe a record for me.


    1. I am thinking of getting a regiment of Connoisseur Spanish cavalry at some stage – after seeing them on your blog (no pics on the Bicorn site).


  2. Lovely work Brian, and the whole brigade assembled together looks marvellous. How did you find the yellow to work with?


    1. Wasn’t too bad in the end – I was a little wary of it. I am not usually a paint mixer but I did this time.


    1. I was a little wary of it at first. I painted the Neucahtel Batn a few decades ago and the yellow is so bright it still hurts my eyes.


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