Zulu Wars – British Column

And here are the Imperial forces mustered so far to fight the Zulu. British regulars backed by European and native contingents.  I plan to add to thus force using the fantastic Empress Miniatures range to flesh out the various mounted infantry and cavalry units and more natal native troops.  So far I have painted the five companies of the 1/24th present at Isandlwana and have enough unpainted lead to finish the remaining British regulars (might even do the band if I can find the figures).  Of course, I also plan to do the naval contingent, rifles, some regular cavalry and lots of supply wagons – time to order more pencil sharpener wagons I think.  Redoubt do British drivers. Anyone know a good source of plastic 28mm oxen?

                                  Redoubt Miniatures bugler.


Dismounted Boer Volunteers fight the old foe.


                                             Artillery Support.


                                            British Lancers.


                                      Firing Line


                                Bring up the Reinforcements.
                                  Natal Native Contingent.
Love these Black Tree Natal Native Contingent infantry – just wish they did a few poses with rifles. I guess it will be Empress Miniatures to the rescue here.
Do you want fries with that, Sir?
Redoubt and Black Tree figures.

reduc_IMG_3929 reduc_IMG_3922   reduc_IMG_3908 reduc_IMG_3902

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