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13th Vermont Infantry Regiment – Redoubt miniatures

Another of my lock down regiments. This is the 13th Vermont. They are the 13th Vermont because I had the flag.

The miniatures in this unit are from Redoubt Miniatures. I got these many years ago off Trademe (the New Zealand online marketplace site) in one of those spur of the moment purchases that I never did anything with once I had them until I started this ACW project. The figures all come with separate heads so there is a lot of variation there. They are big solid figures but do not look out of place alongside the Perry plastics I have.

I probably could have done the trousers a slightly lighter shade of blue but overall I am pretty happy with this unit. I have to say that painting metals is much more satisfying to me than plastics. The heft of a base of these is somehow….comforting.

Zulu War: British Casualty Bases

Yesterday I knocked out these casualty bases for the British side in my Anglo-Zulu Wars project.  I had a few Redoubt casualties (all Auxiliary Cavalry) that I brought in an order last year – really to test the waters with Redoubt figures to see how compatible they were with my Black Tree Designs figures. Very compatible as it turns out.

A Frontier Light Horseman. I don’t actually have a unit of these yet, but best to be prepared.

A Natal Carbineer. I do in fact have a unit of these – subject of a post next week when I take some pics.

A Redoubt Natal Carbineer that I converted to be a Newcastle Mounted Rifleman. based on one of the custom 70mm casualty bases I had made by Warbases in the UK.

Another view of same. He arrived with the barrel of his carbine broken off so replaced with a piece of a pin.

I had no British infantry casualty figures on hand so turned to my Warlord Games plastics. I brought a bunch of sprues during one of their sales a year or so back and assembled one company of British infantry and got halfway through painting them before I decided that I didn’t like the plastic figures for this project….but that meant a lot of left over bits.

A British sergeant comforts a wounded comrade.

Started life as a standing firing pose. But then again don’t they all.


Zulu Wars: uMbonambi “The Evil Omen”

After a year of very limited painting I am slowly getting back into the groove. Last two weeks I have completed three units (two Zulu and one British – well four British if you count the sub units).

Today I am posting another Unmarried Zulu Regiment. This is uMbonambi “The Evil Omen”. It was re-constituted in 1863. It was originally formed in 1821 during the reign of Shaka.   At the time of Isandlwana the majority of it’s men would have been in their mid thirties (35-37). The regiment was present at many other battles in the Anglo-Zulu War and by the time of Ulundi may well have been reinforced with younger replacements but I seriously doubt that would have effected their fighting ability.

At Isandlwana they formed part of the Zulu Left Horn that initially engaged Col Durnford and finally swept into the British camp from the south after overrunning the right flank companies of the British line.

Figures are all Black Tree Designs. Bases are 25mm rounds inset into 90x60mm rectangular bases.  I have one more Unmarried Regiment to complete to finish the Left Horn forces.  I have gone for these big thirty six figure units for no other reason than they look cool.

IMG_5156 IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5162 IMG_5163 IMG_5164

Zulu Wars – British Column

And here are the Imperial forces mustered so far to fight the Zulu. British regulars backed by European and native contingents.  I plan to add to thus force using the fantastic Empress Miniatures range to flesh out the various mounted infantry and cavalry units and more natal native troops.  So far I have painted the five companies of the 1/24th present at Isandlwana and have enough unpainted lead to finish the remaining British regulars (might even do the band if I can find the figures).  Of course, I also plan to do the naval contingent, rifles, some regular cavalry and lots of supply wagons – time to order more pencil sharpener wagons I think.  Redoubt do British drivers. Anyone know a good source of plastic 28mm oxen?

                                  Redoubt Miniatures bugler.


Dismounted Boer Volunteers fight the old foe.


                                             Artillery Support.


                                            British Lancers.


                                      Firing Line


                                Bring up the Reinforcements.

                                  Natal Native Contingent.

Love these Black Tree Natal Native Contingent infantry – just wish they did a few poses with rifles. I guess it will be Empress Miniatures to the rescue here.

Do you want fries with that, Sir?

Redoubt and Black Tree figures.

reduc_IMG_3929 reduc_IMG_3922   reduc_IMG_3908 reduc_IMG_3902

28mm Zulu Impi

I have not done anything on this project for a while. Got side-tracked by other things and real life.

I have made all my Zulu regiments 36 figures so far. All are individually based on 25mm rounds that slot into custom made six slot sabot bases. Sitting in boxes are about the same number of miniatures in unpainted lead.  Almost all the models are Black Tree Designs. Their regular sales make them appealing for the budget conscious wargamer. I brought some plastic Warlord Games Zulus and British infantry during one of their sprue sales but to be honest, once I got them I was just not happy with them. Great miniatures but lacking the heft that I like. There are a few Redoubt Miniatures in the Impi so far – mostly command figures.

My intention is to make all the regiments that fought at Isandlwana.  I certainly think that Zulus look just fantastic on the table top in numbers.

reduc_IMG_3886 reduc_IMG_3887 reduc_IMG_3888 reduc_IMG_3892 reduc_IMG_3893 reduc_IMG_3900

Last thing I painted in 2014

I finished this British casualty vignette just now at 10pm on New Years Eve.  Started at 5pm and since then I rescued a lamb from a ditch, cooked a lamb curry (not the same lamb but one we killed two weeks back), drank half a bottle of Merlot and have made a dent in a nice Pinot Noir.  That probably is why it looks the way it does. I may need to respray in the sober light of day and do it over but at the moment I am quite happy with it, even if the photos are  crappy.  This is a Redoubt Miniatures Vignette of two British soldiers carrying a wounded comrade in a blanket.




F Coy, 1/24th Foot (Zulu Wars)

F Coy, 1/24th Foot was commanded by Capt Mostyn and was positioned approximately in the centre of the British Line and engaged units of the Zulu Chest before pulling back to the camp and being overrun.

This is the last unit that I will have painted this year. I had already given them an undercoat but got around to painting them yesterday.  Today I got them varnished and finished off the bases.  I already had the two officers painted so there were only fourteen miniatures to complete the unit.  Figures are Black Tree Designs and one solitary Redoubt Miniature officer figure.

I now have five companies of the 24th Foot (1st Batn) completed. Need to do another two for the 24th Foot 2nd Batn and then move on to the Natal Native Horse, Colonial Mounted troops, some Imperial Mounted infantry and several more companies of the Natal Native Contingent.

E Company 1

E Company 2

E Company 3

E Company 4

E Company 5


H Company, 1/24th Foot (Zulu Wars)

H Company of the 1st battalion, 24th Foot was commanded by Capt. George Wardell. At Isandlwana it was initially stationed on the right flank and engaged the Zulu Chest formations. As the battle progressed it was flanked by the Zulu Left Horn regiments and was destroyed as it fell back to the camp.

Figures are all Black Tree except for two Redoubt Miniatures – the bugler and Col. Durnford who is standing in for Capt Wardell until such time as I get home and put the correct officer in his place.