Wagons Ho!

I have no idea what the cost of a wagon was in terms of 19th century incomes, but when it comes to 28mm models they are bloody expensive items – especially when they are generally used as little more than a bit of cover for gunfighters in 28mm skirmish games.  I had brought a couple of the excellent wagons from the Blue Moon “Wagons Ho!” range (available from Old Glory). These were BMM1302 Covered Wagon and BMM1312B Flat Bed Supply Wagon with Spoked Wheels.  What can I say about the Blue Moon wagon range?  They are just fantastic. Beautiful little models and I am sure I will get a few more in due course.  The following photos are of those two models. I still have to do the reins and traces…another project.  The driver is from Knuckleduster. (Forrest Harris threw them in with another order I made – I am not sure if they are a separate code or not but you could always just ask him like I did)




But as much as I liked these models, and even with the discount from Old Glory Army Card, I knew that making an entire wagon train would be pretty expensive.  So I began looking around for an alternative.  What I found was this.


It is a cheap die-cast pencil sharpener. It had real possibilities. You can buy them in bulk for about US$2.50 a piece. I landed a dozen here in New Zealand for about $5 each in our money.  So, without further ado….

The canvas cover (which is molded brilliantly – even looks like canvas) just pops off. I removed the pencil sharpener from the guts of the wagon and then built up the sides and front with scrap pieces of balsa wood to make a driver’s seat and footrest.  I added a wooden tongue, hounds and the doubletree thingy that the horses harness will eventually be attached to. The rear of the wagon also got extended and a piece of cardboard covered the hole where you would have stuck the pencil in.


A quick check that everything fit. The driver sits OK and the cover is still all good.


Undercoated with black spray paint.  The cover was just drybrushed with some off white.


The almost finished product – still have not done the reins and traces. Horses are spares available from Old Glory.


The next one will be a bit more tarted up but I was pretty happy with this first attempt.


The next project is this stage coach which is sitting on the workbench.


Thanks for looking.  You can find a good range of pencil sharpener wagons here:



4 thoughts on “Wagons Ho!”

      1. They cost £7 in the U.k. laser cut wood. I put them together with P.V.A.glue they are pre painted and 28mm come as a flat sheet which fits into an envelope I bought mine from Northstar – what more can I add ? strewth cobber !!!


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