Hurrah. Brother is home!!

Some perspective on the flooding from our dog.


See Me and brother See Me and brother

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  This evening Me and Nellie were having our usual evening snooze in front of the fire and who should walk through the door, but brother.  He is back from u-ni-ver-sity to work at Farmer Rae’s orchard, assisting in the clean up after the recent flooding.  It is fitting and proper that he is back to give Me and Nellie the love and understanding that We so richly deserve.

Me giving brother some love. Me giving brother some love.


Here are some photos taken of Farmer Rae’s kiwifruit orchard on Sunday morning.  As you can see there is a lot of flooding and damage to the orchard.

IMG_2812IMG_2816IMG_2819Mummy says kiwifruit vines do not like to get their feet wet so it is very important that the land is drained as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for more rain this weekend.  Let’s hope…

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