20-Dton Imperial Navy Gig

Today’s deckplan is from GDW’s Classic Traveller  Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats (pages 33-34).   A Tech Level 14 Imperial Navy Gig. It is capable of 6G acceleration and is armed with a single laser. It has a crew of one and can carry an additional seven passengers. It has 2 tons of cargo space and in a cramped compartment underneath the main deck there are emergency low berths for up to twelve people so it can operate as a lifeboat if necessary.  This vessel is carried on many classes of Imperial ship but most often seen in conjunction with the small Gazelle-class Close Escort.

The description of this gig has emergency low berths for twelve people but on the original GDW deck plans I could not see where they would go so added them to a sub deck. I figure this is a very low and cramped space.

20ton gig thumb

High Guard Stats:

Imperial Navy Gig   GG-0106B1-000000-20000-0   MCr27.65                   20 tons

Agility 6, One battery of Lasers (Factor 2)                       Crew: 1 TL: 14

Passengers: 7,  Emergency Low Berths 3(for 12 people), Cargo: 2 tons, Fuel 2.2 Tons, EP=2.2

Full sized Deck Plans

20ton gig


2 thoughts on “20-Dton Imperial Navy Gig”

  1. I would put the hatch to the sub-deck in the cargo bay rather than the air-lock. That way if you lose the iris valve on the dorsal surface you can still get from the passenger compartment to the low-berths without opening the ship to vacuum.


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