Dipping my brush back in the paint pot.

I finally managed to get some painting done. Painfully slow but finished two units for my Anglo-Zulu Wars project. FIrst off, a company of British Infantry. These are Black Tree that I got a few months back as part of a large order during one of their sales. I have to say that the service I have received from Black Tree Designs has been terrific. I was missing a couple of Zulus from an order of hundreds and within no time they sent me the missing miniatures plus some for my trouble and also a big bag of spare shields and spears.  Top stuff.

On to the British Infantry.  To be honest, I felt like I was painting these with a roller. They are not my best but will do to fill out the ranks.

Brit marching 1

Brit marching 2

Brit marching 3

Brit marching 4

I have added another artillery unit – Russell’s Rocket battery.   This model is the Black Tree Hale Rocket trough and two crew. I have added a Redoubt British infantry man carrying a crate of ammo (or in this case perhaps rockets).

hale 1

hale 3

hale 2

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