Anglo-Zulu Command stands

I have just finished some command stands for my Anglo-Zulu War armies.  Figures are a mix of Redoubt and Black Tree Designs.  All the other models I have painted and based for this project have been mounted on individual bases that slot into sabot bases. I decided to permanently fix these chaps to their respective bases.

I couldn’t be bothered getting a table and cloth out to use when photographing these guys so you get to see a bit of the ground around the Woolshed instead – including the woodshed and the outdoor dunny.

First off, Chelmsford, an aide and an escort lancer.

Brit command 1 Brit command 2 Brit command 3

Zulu Commanders. These are also a mixture of Redoubt and Black Tree Designs.

Zulu Command 1 Zulu Command 2 Zulu Command 3 Zulu Command 4 Zulu Command 5 Zulu Command 6 Zulu Command 7 Zulu Command 8

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