Hit the Wall

After a year and a half of reasonable painting output I have hit the wall. I just cannot look at a paint brush or a miniature. I have tried, but every time I pick up a brush I fee like throwing the whole lot in the bin.

I am going to have a break from painting and blogging.

Thanks for visiting over the last year and hopefully I will see you again.



9 thoughts on “Hit the Wall”

  1. Thanks for all your great blogging, Brian, take a well earned break. We’ll still be here when you get the muse again. I get similar attacks of painting/blogging apathy – just with far less output than you!


  2. Goodness gracious Brian! I can understand the pause in the blogging…because painting can get in the way of the desire to write…but not the little metal men! You have lead in your veins you can’t ignore the call. It is a bit like the farmer taking a break from farming…mind you after today’s milk solids payout forecast there are probably a few thinking that.

    What you need is some inspiration. A good book…a ripping yarn…something that gets you surfing the web for figures that match the story you are reading. Then you start planning….you know how it goes. You will be back collecting, painting and gaming in no time at all.


  3. Hi Brian. Sounds like you’re hitting a bit of a brick wall. I hope this is just a temporary glitch. I always enjoy following your projects. Feel free to pop by if you want a chat about things at any stage, if you think that’ll help get you out of this patch.

    I’m also currently not working on any projects at the moment, but in my case it is only because I’ve run out of figures I want to paint (yes, I know, I should be dead having reached the bottom of my lead mountain!), and there is nothing new out there at the moment attracting me.


  4. I know how you feel, been there myself. Sometimes swapping to a new item to paint (a new project) to refresh the energy. If anything play some games, build stuff, just do whatever you fee like in the end. When you are ready the brushes will be there for you!


  5. Sounds like you need a new distraction, more gaming. And you’ve just missed Napcon (the modest big battle of 1814 La Rothiere using the Black Powder / Dressing the Ranks, ala.. Leipzig refight style game, but just 6 players). A couple of Wanagnui gamers may like to join into some more multi-play action with us in New Plymouth, or come your way for similar, some time… Is this the revitalise tonic you need! Cheers Al Mundell


  6. I hope the break won’t be too protracted Brian, as I enjoy dropping by your blog – there is always something interesting. I find looking at other people’s work helpful when my motivation wavers (I also find an increasing sense of mortality with each passing year helps spur me on). Either way, I hope you enjoy the break and come back revitalised. Cheers, Lawrence.


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