28mm 52nd (Oxfordshire) Light Infantry (Front Rank)

When I started my Peninsular Project I had no real idea of what units I wanted to make so I ended up with a hodge podge of units, rather than a particular order of battle. However, saying that by random chance it seems I have lucked upon making three units of the Light Division – so I might as well continue and finish it.  I already have a battalion of the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry and a battalion of 95th RIfles almost completed, so the 52nd seemed a good choice.  I painted these the last week I was in Wellington before I came home for Christmas.  My muse was working overtime keeping me focused. Thank you my muse. You are so good for me.

This unit is entirely constructed using the new Front Rank reinforcement packs. I know that the Sergeant with pike and drummer are Centre Coy figures, but who cares I say. These Front Rank miniatures are the best that Alec has made in my opinion. I also got a set of the French Grenadiers in March Attack pose to round out a unit of Old Guard I have had sitting around – all I can say is WOW – they are really nice miniatures. The casting and detail is superb.








8 thoughts on “28mm 52nd (Oxfordshire) Light Infantry (Front Rank)”

  1. These have come up beautifully. I bought a pile of British reinforcement packs myself late last year, and hope to get to them in the New Year. If they turn out anywhere as nice as these I will be well pleased.


  2. Hello from Kansas USA!

    After about a 10+ year hiatus from Napoleonics I’ve decided to jump back into to pool.

    Back in 2002 I was fortunate enough to obtain a huge amount of OG Naps – enough to build three 12 unit armies for Britain, France and Russia as well as smaller armies for Bavaria, Württemberg, Saxony, the Conf. of the Rhine and so on all based on the 1:20 ratio used by Bruce Quarrie in his “Airfix Magazine Guide 4: Napoleonic Wargaming”.

    I ran across your wonderful blog looking for examples of OG minis being used along side units of minis from other manufacturers. From reading through your posts, and looking through your pics, it appears that you even mix them together!

    Are there any Napoleonic ranges out there you think OG wouldn’t work well with? Or ones to steer clear of?



    1. Hi Larry from Kansas. Great to hear from you. Quite frankly, I would use Old Glory with practically any other figure manufacturer in 25/28mm. I have Old Glory, Front Rank, Hincliffe, Connoissuer, Elite and others – sometimes in the same units, let alone alongside each other in distinct units. I think that they are more compatible with other ranges than say, Perry, or Front Rank (especially the older figures that seemed to be modeled of wargamer physiques). Some of the Perry figures may be a bit slight alongside OG figures, but others in their range work fine.

      I have British and American War of 1812 armies as well – all Old Glory.


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