Spanish Light Infantry – Elite Miniatures

In my last order of Elite Miniatures from Elite Miniatures Australia I got two packs of “Skirmish Pack – loading and firing”. No picture on the website and I was not sure what the miniatures were but decided to get them anyway. Turned out to be two standing and two kneeling firing poses. I was wondering what to do with these and decided to paint them as Light Infantry. I also based them on 25mm rounds  – had thoughts of using these for Sharpe Practice. In the pics below you will see I have also tried them out in some of my Zulu Wars sabot bases – and they don’t look too bad either. They can double up as a small unit of infantry for Black Powder games. To the eight figures I added a colonel and a couple of march attack fusiliers I had left over. That particular base can be used as a brigade commander or as part of a ‘unit” of light infantry depending on the game requirements.


When I was taking the pics I had some interested onlookers.

7 thoughts on “Spanish Light Infantry – Elite Miniatures”

    1. The Elite range can be very sketchy though – another couple of skirmishing infantry and perhaps an officer figure would really range this little range out.


  1. Very nice Brian. These should complement your other Spanish light battalions very nicely. I much prefer the Spanish light in the dark blue coats and bicornes, rather than the voluntarios in the helmets.


    1. Well everyone has the helmeted guys 🙂 I was thinking of doing a full battalion next for the Spanish. Will email Nathan soon with an order.


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