GW/Front Rank Size comparison.

I was asked to do a post showing size comparison between Front Rank 100YW Archers and Games Workshop Bretonnians. I have no unpainted figures so cannot compare raw metal/plastic so have to show painted versions. On the whole I think they work together very well.  I can say that GW and Front Rank horses do not mix. GW horse – all plastic at 5th/6th Edition – are big. Front Rank riders can fit on GW horses (see this post showing Front Rank cavalry mounted on GW barded horses).


2 thoughts on “GW/Front Rank Size comparison.”

  1. I hope they helped – as you see I think that they work well. I did look at Perry plastics but they were just a bit slight to match well with GW. They looked like kids next to the GW/FR archers.


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