Bretonnian Knights – by Front Rank Miniatures.

I have been building a Bretonnian Warhammer army for years and years. I have done very little gaming with this army, but it probably gives me more painting pleasure than anything else I have ever done.  I went for simple strong primary colours on the knights, and lots of drab colours on the peasantry.  I am also a notorious cheapskate when it comes to wargaming and can happily say that almost all the models in this army came from second hand stalls and internet auctions – given Games Workshop’s pricing regime for Australia and New Zealand, with a few exceptions (paints being a good example), they can take a hike.

This unit was made from converted Front Rank 100 Years Wars Knights.  The conversion was pretty basic. I took off the hands and lances and pinned and glued on Games Workshop 6th Ed Bretonnian Knight hands/arms.  I did this to keep a uniform look with the other knight’s in my army who are standard GW Bretonnian miniatures. The legs were not quite sized right to straddle one of the monstrously huge GW Bretonnian Chargers, so a bit of bending with pliers sorted that one out.  Added a few GW Bretonnian shields and symbols and Bob’s your Uncle. There is a GW knight in the unit for comparison (front left in the next photo)

ImageI am not sure where this figure came from. I thought he was a Front Rank but I am not so sure now. One of those acquisitions that you find in a box and have no fecking idea where it came from.


The finished unit of nine knights. The heraldic decals are from a variety of sources. Old 5th Ed GW, 6th Ed GW, Space marine decals and some by a chap in the States who no longer makes them.

ImageThe command unit of this Lance of Knights.I really enjoyed doing the heraldry on these guys. The trumpeter came out pretty well I thought.


The three tear drops on the knight at the back came from a Space Marines decal sheet. I use movement trays for all units in this army. Balsa, sand and flock.

ImageThis is about half my Bretonnian Army. Not shown are the Pegasus Knights and hordes more peasants (two units of 50 halberders and one more or 40 archers).  I also have another fifty or so knights to paint.



10 thoughts on “Bretonnian Knights – by Front Rank Miniatures.”

    1. Thanks mate. Just a little something different for the Bretonnian Army. I have used a lot of Front Rank figures in my Army – archers mostly. They scale with the GW figures nicely.


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