Spanish Line Cavalry – Calatrava Regiment

This week I have painted up the first of the three Spanish cavalry regiments I had in bare metal (a Line, a Dragoon and a Hussar regiment).

I was looking at the Black Powder statistics for these guys. Makes pretty impressive reading.

Type: Regular Cavalry

Armament: Sabre

Hand to Hand: 7 (good so far)

Morale: 4 (average)

Stamina: 3 (typical)

Special: Heavy Cavalry/D1 (OK, not as hard hitting as they could be), Wavering (Oh dear – take any casualty and they could turn tail), Unreliable (Only move on a command roll one less than the commander’s rating).

Why didn’t I just get some KGL Dragoons? Still, at least my Frenchy opponents will have something to chase across the board.

These are all Elite Miniatures from Elite Miniatures Australia. Nicely cast by Nathan for me some time ago and have been sitting at the regimental depot (a box in the Woolshed) since that time. The carbine is a separately caste piece that you need to glue on.  I am not quite sure what these guys are actually doing with their sword arms but it does look awkward.

The flag is a Maverick Models linen flag – a generic Spanish ‘red flag’ for Line cavalry or dragoons.  This flag (along with some other bits and pieces) was kindly sent to me a while back by Lawrence at This Life in Lead blog. Thanks again Lawrence!  I thought the trumpeter’s tunic should be reversed with the facing colours but apparently consensus is that they wore a red tunic. Honestly at this stage I couldn’t be fagged redoing it so he remains in a non-regulation tunic.

I have yet to attach a finial and tassels to the flag pole as I don’t have any in stock at the moment – getting a number from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia when he gets back from his latest sojourn in PNG.

Photos taken on one of those rare cold wet days here in Mangamahu so the light was pretty crappy outside. Actually it has been raining all week and although you can’t see it, there was rain pouring down outside when I was taking these shots. Almost this time last year we had floods and land slips that cut us off for best part of a week so here is hoping that it stops – wouldn’t want a repeat so soon.

11 thoughts on “Spanish Line Cavalry – Calatrava Regiment”

    1. Hi there from New Zealand. Yes I found that out after I had painted him – too bad – maybe get it right when I do the next regiment.


  1. Top work as usual Brian, and great to see you got some use out of the flag. I hope they see some action soon.

    I remember your posts on the floods last year – hopefully you won’t have a repeat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not at home this week so I really hope we don’t gets floods either. it has been raining pretty steadily up there and there are heavy rain warnings for the hills in our catchment area.

      And thanks again for the flags! I have another dragoon flag and one for (I think) an Irish regiment of the ones you sent me.


    1. I think they are a great army if you want variety. You have the old uniforms, the British supplied uniforms, militia uniforms – a pretty eclectic lot.


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