28mm Spanish Cordoba Regiment (Elite Miniatures)

This week while away with work I finished this regiment of white coated Spanish infantry. These chaps are painted as the Cordoba Regiment (red facings, collars and cuffs).  This is the last of the four battalions of Elite Miniatures Spanish infantry I got from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia a couple of years ago. Now to hit those three regiments of Spanish cavalry that are taunting me from their place atop my lead mountain.  I painted these in the evenings and early mornings before I started work. Being away from home for work means that at night one can either sit and watch TV or try to get something productive done.   I have yet to attach finials and tassels to the flags – I ran out of them – have to order some more – although maybe Scott will be able to get them for me at New Zealand’s only Pharmacy/Model Shop.  The eagle-eyed among you may spot a couple of Front Rank figures in there as well. Flags are freebies from Captain Miniatures.


My Spanish Ulcer so far. Actually they have been a joy to paint. I really enjoy painting Spanish – maybe that will extend to the cavalry I am about to embark upon.



6 thoughts on “28mm Spanish Cordoba Regiment (Elite Miniatures)”

  1. Look fantastic Brian – love the Spanish in the Napoleonic Wars. You have done a fantastic job on some excellent figures.


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