28mm Spanish Guerrilla Leaders (various manufacturers)

Yesterday I knocked out three Spanish guerrilla leaders for my burgeoning Spanish irregular collection.  Manufacturers are Front Rank, Brigade Games and Eureka Miniatures.

A little background – a few months back my gaming buddy Roly gave me some bits and bobs he had left over from his own Peninsular War armies.  A dozen Front Rank guerrillas were included in this lot. I have just finished painting them today but not photographed as yet. To lead them I have painted this Front Rank miniature. He is  Don Gabriel Alvarado del Costa, also known by his nom-de-guerre ‘El Rolissimo’.


ImageNext up is that scourge of the French, Comandante Teresa Moreno.  She is a Brigade Games miniature from their excellent Spanish guerrilla range.  She is a crack shot with her Baker rifle, and known as La Aguja ‘the Needle, and not because of her skill with embroidery.




Finally we have the more than slightly mad monk, Father Salbatore, known as El Abad “the Abbot”. He hates the godless French and shows them no mercy.  He is a Eureka Miniatures figure from their Tyrolean Militia 1797-1809 range.



5 thoughts on “28mm Spanish Guerrilla Leaders (various manufacturers)”

  1. Great stuff as usual, and I especially enjoyed the character names. I couldn’t remember where I had heard the name Teresa Moreno before until I Googled it – very apt.


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