28mm British Light Dragoons (Elite Miniatures)

I have two regiments of Elite Miniatures early-mid Peninsular War British cavalry to get painted. A heavy and a light dragoon regiment. These Lights are the the first to be painted. Got them done over the lat three days, which has to be a record for me.  Painted as the 16th Light Dragoons (scarlet facings and white lace). Not that I let that bother me too much.  These Elite figures are really nice. Highly animated and looking just right for a British cavalry regiment that will “Gallop at Anything”.




I ordered these in a larger order last year from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia. He included an extra model in the package that I have painted and based separately. I may use him as a cavalry commander or as a ‘Big Man’ in Sharpe Practice games.


7 thoughts on “28mm British Light Dragoons (Elite Miniatures)”

  1. Nice work Brian. I’ve just started on Napoleonics after 20 years of gaming and your Blog is a real inspiration. I’ve grabbed some (a lot) of Elite figs and your work really shows how great they look when completed.


    1. Thanks for that vote of confidence. I really like the Elite range. They remind of old Connoisseur figures, which I still love. I am glad I have been of some help. I am finally getting a wargame in this weekend – the baptism of fire for all the models I have painted over the last twelve months.


  2. Nice brushwork! Elite figures really have a certain charm about them. Some like them; others do not. I like them although I only have a couple of battalions of French line infantry in my collection.


  3. Beautiful work Brian – I share your love of Elite Miniatures as well – really well animated figures.

    Great paint job on these lads.




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